Outdoor Advertising Initiative

It would be awesome to see an ENS billboard in action.

We could collectively decide on some strategic locations in and around tech areas or high traffic areas like near turnpikes. Personally, I think on the back of a bus or the side of a bus stop could be very effective. The best would be to start small and see if there is any impact on revenue.

Has anyone ever done billboard / outdoor advertising ? Thoughts are much appreciated!


Feels like this type of ad is very situational, very expensive given its effect on promoting ens and not entirely in line with ens ethos. I don’t know how to make it effective, we had this times square huge ad, but it was very niche and from my point of view was more of a cool toy, rather than effective instrument.

Target audience is misaligned with billboards, no actionable point.

I’m just trying to understand how would that work in practice, so someone sees billboard, what happens next? Are they going to start searching on google what is and how to register .eth name? - very unlikely. Are they going to remember it at the end of the day? Maybe if ad is aggressive enough and provoking, but thats not really in line with “high brow image” of ens. So how would you see this work?


Realistically, regardless of what is on the billboard you are making argument that billboards are inherently useless and don’t serve any purpose. How does this go against ENS ethos–given the fact that it has already been presented in Times Square New York, NY.

Situational is a fair response, I agree.

against ENS ethos meaning overly aggressively, plain, “bought in” marketing - something like UD does

so far ENS promotion been very subtle

billboards are not useless, works for something more cheesy, more aggressive, but frankly I’m not exactly marketing specialist, just an opinion of community member observing ENS

I think the money would be better spent sponsoring events, which ENS Labs is already doing.

You mean like Hackatons !?

To be fair, this is probably the most cringe of all billboards you could have picked. I would never put something like that out. gross.

Ok maybe I used ‘billboard’ as. a catch all term.

Admit that you liked it :stuck_out_tongue:

This could be a good way to turn some eyes and raise some questions / debate / outsider interest…by utilising my advancements in EthMoji art…? Is it Art or is it a domain? 🫡:thinking::grinning:

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back in a day when we had this times square ad, what I was suggesting is put some actionable “button” if you will, so not just ens advert, but like QR code or something like, so that when someone sees the advert in any form, like billboard or whatever it is they can scan the code and immediately jump into some sort of wizard either explaining what ens is and allowing him to register such name.

While images on the walls feels like such a great way to express oneself, and brighten up the city, it’s a bit difficult to make them actionable, so a lot of people would see them as “city art”.

Another problem with creating actionable “billboard” is that consumer these days is swarmed with all sort of “registrations” / discount cards / promotions - all of which require some personal data, so I think by now most of the are even turned away by message, that something needs to be registered.