Paris Hilton domains

Ok here is another idea,

Actually at Parishilton.eth there are are 4 domains,

and one is about to expire:

Parishiltonnft.eth in aprox 1 month

So, in order to make it desirable Paris could agree for a dinner, videochat, etc to the person who buys it.

There could be various ways to price it. But, if she lets that domain expire, the auction would start at 100 millions.

So, if someone buys it at for example 5 millions there could be a split of the price paid for the registration between Paris and ENS.

Or maybe someone will buy it for the only reason that was in Paris Hilton wallet. Who knows.

Just brainstorming over here. Expecting to come up with a good idea.

Thanks for reading.

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Well this is certainly an idea.

Well, not anymore.


Got em

She may or may not actually be the proud Controller of one of my Subs…but anyhooo…probably nothing

Subs are fun though! :-p