[PG WG Proposal] ENS Small Grants

I support this request


For reference, here’s our internal spec we’re developing. Comments open! Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

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Four PGs stewards have expressed support for the request. @carlosdp can you please message @AvsA with a wallet address for 50% of the request ($5k). Alex can then initiate a transaction. Looking forward to watching this project come to life!


Excited to get this going! We’re already full steam ahead on my team, thanks for the support everyone!

Anyone can follow along progress in the open source repo, and if anyone wants to get involved, feel free to reach out or just open a PR!


I support this initiative. I have proposed having different approaches to governance a while ago proposing a streaming budget. I would ask anyone building to check the prototype on the link too.

Is it possible to have the vote weight strategy on main net but the actual resulting vote on a layer 2? It would help making grants cheaper and more interesting.

I am a bit afraid that having multiple rounds to create a governance fatigue, in which people need to keep voting for new stuff. It’s ok for small values as we can just check the results every few months and refill the purse. I would like however to evolve this later into a system that have more complex voting and funding methods:

  • Allow not only a small grant but also a recurring streaming payment for continuous development and maintenance of each project. Most projects are not just a one time thing and require multiple rounds of funding before they get autonomous.
  • Instead of having to continuously vote in multiple rounds, I would like to see an option where voters simply express support for or against a project. Projects need to have a minimal threshold of support to get the initial grant, and need to keep that support to keep the streams active. So if a project had, say, a budget of initial 10K + 1k per month, then if the project passes the threshold they would get the 10k grant. But at any point in the process, if the project fell out of favor or a better one became more supported, they could lose their streaming rights (I would also add a 5-10% buffer so the longer someone got a stream, they would have a longer period in which they kept getting the stream after having gotten “fired”)

Of course all these can be built later.


Yea, that can be done using storage proofs! One of the reasons for building this on Snapshot is because they are currently hard at work on Snapshot X, so the migration to that would be presumably easy. The way that works is votes are executed on StarkNet using storage proofs, and the final result is posted trustlessly on-chain as a message from the StarkNet L1 contract. Gas is so cheap with this approach, that the DAO just sets aside a little to pay for it for the users, so the experience is just as easy and free as Snapshot today, but with the full security and trustless guarantees of on-chain L1 Ethereum!

This could be done outside of Snapshot X too, but if they’re taking on the R&D costs already, might as well collaborate with them when they start trying it out.

Yea that’s definitely a variable here. I think the way to think of this approach is definitely more “if you see something you like, support it” rather than everyone actually having to participate in every round. Keeping round sizes small helps with this, where it really is either very small funding, or “starter” funding for a project that could go to a full proposal to the DAO or something like Gitcoin later, but with more than just an idea.

Love this idea! I did think about the need for more funding. The way I was thinking it might work is a group can come back for funding again in a future round, and show their progress in a bid for another tranche of grant cash. I think the idea of doing something like this, but kinda bidding for a percentage of a stream is an approach worth exploring too that we haven’t really seen much yet.

The only instance I can think of that’s kinda like this is maybe Radicle’s Drip network.

This is a very cool idea, let’s jam on this more. Gail (my cofounder) and I have been talking about autonomous funding mechanisms like this for months, huge interest area for us!


Ditto! This is super clutch @carlosdp. Looking forward to utilizing the app for Community WG Proposals!


I think with the current proposal, voting is offchain on Snapshot, right? It’d then have to be manually executed by a multisig.

Yes that’s the idea right now. Snapshot makes the votes independently verifiable and data-available, but not worrying about on-chain execution atm given the amounts are relatively small and the idea is to ship quick to get feedback early :+1:


I am supportive of this proposal - love to see us experimenting with ways to get more folks contributing to the DAO.

@carlosdp How can we submit an application for a grant? Is there a way to have the grant be paid monthly to fund the project on a quarterly basis for example? Thanks!

Once the grant module is online, I believe DAO will release a template for requesting grants. You’ll be able to apply for grants at that point. Metaphor is coding the platform but the funds will be under the Public Goods WG’s control and they will be administering the grants process

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Great, thank you @inplco … Any requirements to apply that you know of?

Not yet. I am sure eligibility criteria will be set out along with the template though.

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Yea like @inplco said, you’ll be able to submit via the app when it opens up in a few weeks. We’re trying to do this first one very close to how Nouns does it, so you can check that out to get an idea of how it works.

Criteria will probably be pretty loose, I think this first round is going to end up being “things that are ENS related” probably, to give a little more direction. That said, it’s really up to the community what matches that criteria!

The only “requirement” for making a proposal I think will be to have an ENS name (this is mostly just so people have a readable name to match the proposal to / make it harder to submit multiple things secretly).


What’s the status of this project? Funding was initiated about 20 days ago and the implementation was expected to be ready for use in ~2 weeks.

Has the goal post shifted to few weeks now?


Wonder if there will be a delay… with ETHNYC next week and everything.

It is 9+ days past the 2-week deliverable promise. It is already a delay. I miss the good old days before the elections when Carlos used to reply with lightning quick speed. I wonder what happened.

There was no hard deadline given, but anyway it’s super normal not to meet deadlines in software development. I don’t see a reason in pointing it out.

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