[PG WG Proposal] ENS Small Grants

I am supportive of this proposal - love to see us experimenting with ways to get more folks contributing to the DAO.

@carlosdp How can we submit an application for a grant? Is there a way to have the grant be paid monthly to fund the project on a quarterly basis for example? Thanks!

Once the grant module is online, I believe DAO will release a template for requesting grants. You’ll be able to apply for grants at that point. Metaphor is coding the platform but the funds will be under the Public Goods WG’s control and they will be administering the grants process

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Great, thank you @inplco … Any requirements to apply that you know of?

Not yet. I am sure eligibility criteria will be set out along with the template though.

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Yea like @inplco said, you’ll be able to submit via the app when it opens up in a few weeks. We’re trying to do this first one very close to how Nouns does it, so you can check that out to get an idea of how it works.

Criteria will probably be pretty loose, I think this first round is going to end up being “things that are ENS related” probably, to give a little more direction. That said, it’s really up to the community what matches that criteria!

The only “requirement” for making a proposal I think will be to have an ENS name (this is mostly just so people have a readable name to match the proposal to / make it harder to submit multiple things secretly).


What’s the status of this project? Funding was initiated about 20 days ago and the implementation was expected to be ready for use in ~2 weeks.

Has the goal post shifted to few weeks now?


Wonder if there will be a delay… with ETHNYC next week and everything.

It is 9+ days past the 2-week deliverable promise. It is already a delay. I miss the good old days before the elections when Carlos used to reply with lightning quick speed. I wonder what happened.

There was no hard deadline given, but anyway it’s super normal not to meet deadlines in software development. I don’t see a reason in pointing it out.

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As @neiman explains, I was simply a little overly ambitious with my estimate (not a “deliverable promise”, this is a grant for a public good, not a contract), like most software engineers!

Since I’m here, I do expect to be ready software-wise within the next week (again, you can literally track all progress in real-time via the open source repo. I don’t know how I could be more transparent without slowing down reasonable progress).

I say “next few weeks” because this isn’t just software, and a first round needs to be coordinated with a working group that wants to back the round, publicize, etc. I reasonably expect this will not happen immediately, especially as @estmcmxci points out because a lot of the new stewards will be in NYC next week and busy, and we just elected a new group of stewards that needs get setup.


For what it’s worth, full pros for making it open-source. I am having fun playing with your code. Always wanted to try vite, now is the time


That’s great to hear! I’ve only recently started using Vite, it’s a god-send for productivity when you get used to it.

Open source is the future, and this is why!


Hi @carlosdp! How are things? I hope you had fun at ETHNYC with the ENS fam. Are there any significant updates? I see couple of commits on GitHub and things seem almost finished. Just wanted to check with you. Thanks :v:

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The first small grants round is slated to start next week, funded by the Public Goods WG.

Proposal Start: July 19
Proposal End / Voting Start: July 26
Voting End: July 31

Will post a link to the deployed app when we figure out what domain name we want to use!


awesome! congrats on completing this!


Congrats on the achievement! :100: Looking forward to the next steps! :rocket: