Physical voucher to gift ENS name/ gas subsidy

I’m sponsoring an event (Free plug: EthRio! March!!) in which I want to give some cool ENS merch for attendees with ENS names and some ENS voucher for those without. What is the best way to gift a physical card containing a code that will help a user get some ENS? I’m considering doing something like a gas subsidy, or maybe even just giving them an ETH card with $5 in DAI to pay for the name.

Has someone done that before? Any suggestions on how to implement it?


I’m working on a side project that fits this perfectly: Xenium.

It’s possible to generate a series of cards with unique QR codes, issue them dynamically from a phone or laptop, or use a dedicated device with NFC or a QR code display. In each case users get a URL that takes them to a site letting them claim whatever it is you’re giving away, and each claim link works only once.


That’s very cool! It would solve the give away a voucher part, but not the “how does this translate to an ENS name” bit. I suppose I could use it to give away $5 in DAI or ENS, so the person can pay for their name? Calculating the gas cost to register seems a lot more expensive.

Maybe I’ll stick with giving away $ENS then…

Probably the best way to do that would be to have the claim issue someone a “1 year’s registration” token, and have a second smart contract that accepts those tokens and registers a name for you when you submit them.

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I have some eth. / .org / .com to help you gift. Like 50-100

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