- Native macOS App for Building dWebsites on IPFS + ENS

I’m so thrilled to have a presentation today at the weekly ecosystem meeting. Thank you all for the warm welcome! <3

Planet is a native macOS app for building and hosting decentralized websites on IPFS + ENS. You can use it to follow the updates from other ENS websites too. Content is hosted with a local IPFS node, so cloud is not required.

Open Source


  • Build a blog and publish it to IPFS
  • Built-in local IPFS node
  • Generate an IPNS that is ready to be set as EIP-1577 ENS contenthash
  • Pinning content when following, make content usable offline
  • Follow the updates of websites running on ENS, NFT avatar as site icon is supported
  • Markdown editor with live preview
  • Attach video, audio, or any format of files
  • Star or share posts
  • Global audio player
  • Template browser for managing and building templates
  • Integration with WorldWideWeb for previewing sites built with Planet
  • Integration with for traffic analytics, example: Plausible ·
  • Integration with for hosted IPNS records
  • Export/Import website
  • RSS reader, all three formats, RSS, Atom, and JSON Feed, are supported
  • Sandboxed native macOS app created with SwiftUI 3

Thank you for giving it a try! Let me know if you have any questions or feature requests!


I got to say that was the smoothest demo I’ve seen!


this deserves more attention. very interested.


I came across this app a few weeks ago, it’s really easy for anybody who holds an ENS name to publish contents.

In one word, you are responsible for writing, Planetable is responsible for tidying and publishing.

BTW, I have two questions about it.


If nobody follows me, must my client stay online to keep my contents visitable?


Do you have any plan about adding more UI models at front-end?


Thanks for sharing the demo @planetable.eth Really easy to understand the possibilities with this. You mentioned working on an Electron App instead of this being solely macOS app. I would like to see your user base grow to those who don’t have/use macOS.

Can’t wait to see what’s next for this project! :rocket:


For your question 1, yes, if your local node is the only node that holds the content, you need to be online so that others can follow you.

Later, we will introduce integration with Pinning services, then as soon as you get confirmations from remote pinning services, you will not need to be always online.

For your question 2, if I understood it correctly, for now, we only have the macOS version created with Swift UI 3. I heard from the community that someone is working on an Electron port.


I didn’t express very well. What I mean is the Template:

截屏2022-09-23 12.40.17

Will there be some more neat or beautiful templates published in future?

Yes! We will provide more in the future, community developers are also working on more.

If you click from the menu Tools → Template Browser you will find a window for managing all templates.

Our current two templates are also open source projects:

We are working on the docs about how to create your own Templates.

@planetable.eth urgent need for a Linux & Windows port - I think the community could really use this app. :pray:


excellent work congratulations :handshake:, i was looking into the template and thinking to myself how cool it would be if it was Jekyll engine and then would open the door to already existing thousand of templates, then i remembered Github support jekyll for their gh-pages… imagine in the future you push your repository to Github and you can select to be hosted instead of gh-pages with “plantable/IPFS/ENS”


Thank you! :smile:

Feature parity with major static site generators is a goal of this project.

I have used Jekyll and Zola extensively before. While they are super powerful, I often came to this question, what if they have an easy-to-use GUI? Instead of embedding a YouTube player, what is needed to support local video hosting and playing? How about Podcast?

So one goal for Planet is to make it work as a static site generator with a GUI. And IPFS enabled local video and audio hosting and playing without relying on a big cloud.

Meanwhile, a team member is working on a new feature to add a folder as a Published Folder. So it can turn any local folder into an IPNS, and Planet would keep watching its changes. So we will be able to support publishing the result from any existing static site generators.

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I love the idea of being able to create media content for hosting/streaming for artists that doesn’t rely on big cloud saving the data. This is great!

This is making me want to get on MacOS just to run your app. :slight_smile:

Wen electron?

Yes I know one step at a time, but this is a really exciting project. Can’t wait to see further development and to test it all out!

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This is an excellent initiative that will help to improve our community. Projects like this one are essential in order to make progress. :clap: :clap: :clap:

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