Pls help, need info about migration of eth address

Hi, i keep having this message for the new eth address i registered:

This name needs to be migrated to the new Registry. Only the parent of this name (eth) can do this.

What can i do. pls help??

Hi @Dinesh822 Welcome!

The message about migrating to the new registry is just a message the UI gives if your wallet has lost the connection to the ENS App (

The solution is to disconnect your wallet from the ENS App(from within the wallet itself if it shows connected). Also make sure the ENS App UI does not show connected, if it does, click “Disconnect”.

Then refresh the page, and connect your wallet again. The message should go away. Fairly sure this will error message will be resolved in the new version of the ENS App. You can preview that here:

If in the future you need further support or help with the ENS App, feel free to start a support chat.

You can DM @ensdomains on Twitter
Or, join the ENS Discord at