Policy-based ENS subdomains issuance infrastructure (CNS Live)


CNS is the policy-based ENS subdomain issuance infrastructure , where ENS holder can conditionally allow their ENS subdomain to be registered for their community. Our product will serve as the extension for the ENS holders, where they will be able to assign CNS policy on who will be eligible to mint the subdomains.


CNS policies consist of Token-Gated and Allowlist address :

  1. Token-Gated : The ENS owners can create a policy which requires the party that owns a certain ERC-721 token to be eligible for minting.
  2. Allowlist Address : The ENS owner can directly assigns the Ethereum address that will be eligible to mint the subdomain.

The subdomain that is minted from our website will be in the form of ERC 721 soul-bound token , where each minter can have access to the subdomains in terms of utility while representing their community through subdomains. Our aim is for the community from each respective community to adopt our products, starting from NFT projects to DAO communities .

As one of key success factors toward Web 3.0 Projects is the empowerment of the community. In correspond, CNS allows the user to map their Ethereum address to the subdomains they prefer while represents their community simultaneously

Our Core Value:

To provide greater NFT/DAO community experience and create private community which is built on top of ENS ecosystem.

Our Vision:

To onboard over 30,000+ individuals and 300+communities to use our infrastructure and be the leading infrastructure to unite and promote the collective entity of the Web 3.0 community.

Our Progress:

Our product has has recently launched on Ethereum Mainnet and we would like to invite all to check out our platform.

Official Website: https://cns.community
Tutorial: How to get your first CNS?. As for the first step to use our… | by CNS Team | Medium
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CNSdomains
Discord: http://discord.gg/6CWwpswrrN

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