Potential use of special characters when creating a new ENS .eth domain

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just a quick question, because I have not found any info about this anywhere I was looking.

From a technical point of view, would it be possible to use special characters such as: ° ; ? ; ! etc. when creating a new ENS domain?

One should think that this is not possible as with the normal domains of the world wide web, but I noticed, that it is possible to add emojis to ENS domains. So my thought was, if the use of special characters would be possible on ENS domains if these were implemented for such use.

This idea came to my mind when playing around with the thought of regsitering landmarks/coordinates as an ENS domain. But in my opinion these special characters could be usefull besides the idea mentioned above.

Thankful on any input.

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There’s a really extensive and informative thread about ENS normalization, which touches special character issues. Some of the characters you mentioned are operators and punctuation. Those won’t be valid as ENS names.

Check out for more technical details about special characters in ENS names here: ENS Name Normalization


@zadok7 awesome, thank you very much :slight_smile:

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