[pre-Release News Room] Official ENS Newsletter vol. 01MAR2022

Hello ENS DAO!

I am in early planning for the first ever ENS Newsletter. This newsletter will be bi-weekly, and I am aiming to have the first edition complete and released on 1 March.

That said, it will be very helpful if people from the community and within the working groups can pass along information they would like to be published to me. This can include meeting notes, important things going on, etc. For now, please do that here in this thread, and eventually I would like to set up some type of drop box, or something like that.

Any and all content, topics, and contributions are welcome! Don’t worry about editing. To clarify, you don’t have to be a member of the ENS community to submit content, or to request content. You can share an interesting story, ask a question, submit a poem, make a meme, or whatever you want. I also made a tweet about it if you’d rather use that.

The sooner you can get the information to me the better, and I would like to request no later than 3 days before publication date [1st and 15th].



The upcoming director election would be of great interest.


Yes, I imagine Brantly and the replacement story will be the headline.

Who will write it, in a factual way, and leave out the emotion and politics?


I’m going to be the lead editor, I will do that as well as compile content that other contributors would like to submit

Edit - my current budget proposal includes me as lead editor and two other paid contributers that won’t be as involved in the publication.


I love this idea and it seems like I can provide some stuff in the coming days.

Great to hear, will send over relevant info as it pertains to ENS : )


You might want to delay the March 1 edition to report on the EP6 election results.

I think it’s alright to post the March 1st edition as planned and then report on EP6 and budget results on the 15th.

Either way the timing isn’t perfect. Waiting will allow time for the decision and any opinions to settle.

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It can be a two part event, the election and the results.

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Agreed it can be in two parts.

Just an idea that came to me now - would be great to have a ‘new tools’ or ‘ecosystem’ section which lists and links new tools and projects integrating ENS or using ENS for login

This content sometimes gets lost in the Discord and on Twitter - so having it in the email newsletter would be a good thing I feel.

If you need a co-editor or just a proof-reader Daylon do reach out


I really appreciate all of the input from everyone, and the desire to contribute!

There really are no rules on what you can submit, so please send anything and everything you think is worth publishing to me.
There are, of course, rules on what can actually get published though… :sweat_smile:

Please email me at daylon.eth@outlook.com or just send me a message here on the Discourse. No PDFs please. My Outlook will stay open.

It is okay if multiple people cover the same topic. I can compile articles from several authors and give credit to everyone involved. I want there to hopefully be some back and forth and different angles.

Compensation has been introduced in the Community WG budget, so content creators that produce high enough quality to be included in the final Newsletter will be compensated proportionally to their contribution.

We’re coming down to the first ever deadlines now. I’m literally locked in a hotel room for a week for quarantine, so I am available any time.

Thanks again and I will try my best to get this out and reading great for all of us! :slight_smile:


Update for anyone interested. The draft is done according to me and just waiting for peer review. Nobody sent in anything, but that’s okay. Maybe next time for the second edition… or third, or fourth. :sweat_smile:

Daylon, I’ll give it a peer review as soon as the proposal chatter settles.

Does a PM PST publication time work for you?

No rush, I’m probably over hyping it anyway. :laughing: