Predomain - Open-source, Decentralised, ENS Search, Registration, and Marketplace

Hey everybody,

I want to introduce to the community my work called Predomain (previously ENS Canvas), I’ve just launched it today officially but it has been under testing for some time. Currently, the tool allows for searching ens domains as well domain details, user profiles, and registering of ens domains. I wish to improve on this tool further to add new features in the near future that will benefit the ecosystem. I will be working on the marketplace next.

The tool is free of charge. I would like to invite all developers to get involved and take a look at the source code, they are very much welcome to fork it, build, and deploy their own projects. The project framework can be refactored to suit other project types also, to enable developers who are interested in building ENS applications. ENS tools and utilities are built within the application as services and can be reused in the components.

The core theme of the application is decentralisation and open-sourcing, I want to pursue this path further and introduce new features using decentralised technologies. It’s an interesting challenge to port Web2 utulities into decentralised Web3 so I look forward to taking on this task.

If you would like to try the app, it can be found on:, the source-code can be found at:

Thank you for your time. I welcome all of your feedback, I would to hear your suggestions on how this can be made better. If you have any questions, fire away!

~ Wolfram


It looks really good, nice work!

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I’m looking for language expert volunteers in translating app’s texts. If you would to take on the task, please feel free to check out the translation file over at:

I don’t trust Google Translate to perform this task on my own.

I really appreciate any help provided. If anyone has any suggestion in making this task possible with auto-translation tools, please let me know.

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Hey @wolfram very cool work! The UI looks great!

At one time the ENS translation group was looking at using Crowdin, but it didn’t quite work for the Learn Docs use case. You could check into that though: Crowdin | Translation and Localization Management Software

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If I have some time over next week I’ll see if I can contribute to the translations. I glanced at en.conf.ts and for some of those translations I’d need to know the context to translate it well.

For example: in Swedish “Show All” can be translated as “Visa Allt” or “Visa Alla” depending on the circumstances.


Thank you. I had a go with Crowdin and it’s quite good! I haven’t yet processed all the translations required. I chose for all the popular languages suggested by Crowdin so there’s quite a bit.

I’ll see what I can do with the contexts, I reckon it can be contained in a separate file and assigned to each key.


I had a go with completing several translations today to include ES, FR, CN, JP, RU, and DE. These are only rough translations as suggested by Crowdin. I will be correcting any errors reported.

v0.4.7 with translation support now live:

A new update for Predomain now at v0.5.7 since v0.4.7 posting:

  • the app has had many changes, mostly ironing out UX issues although a few still remain.
  • the profile and domains details pages have been upgraded
  • users can now set their own RPC to replace the default service provided in the app to lessen the dependency on one node which could be a point of failure
  • the management tool is pretty much complete with bulk renewal and bulk transfer options, later on there will be a set resolver/add eth address options. I’m waiting to save enough funds to deploy the contract that facilitates the functionalities behind this feature.
  • yesterday the app’s Bulk Register tool topped the charts on momentarily for having the most TX volume processing almost 9 ETH of registrations.
  • I’ve received plenty of feedback from users in regards to issues where improvements are needed as well as strong points of the app. I’ve also observed key issues myself and will be deploying fixes soon!
  • I’ve working on sales Twitter BOT which is a great learning experience for me to understand the data statistics side of the market, how to find, fetch, and sort these data which includes sales and soon listings. This effort will go into the making of the data feed engine that will be used to deliver ENS domains activities in the app in the near future.

A lot was learnt on the state and utility of the decentralised web tech stack with this project and I’ll continue to observe and explore the possibilities. The core mission is not to create yet another ENS search, registration, and marketplace, but to find out the limits and capabilities of the current decentralised web stack - can we create powerful apps that millions of users can use and can we pass this knowledge to future Web3 developers? It just so happens that I am a fan of ENS, I am a part of this community, and this platform (marketplaces, search, profiles, management tool) is the perfect vehicle for experimentation.

Until next time, thanks for reading!

For those who would like to support the project, you can find the Gitcoin grant page here:

cc: @neiman @Elle97 @ethlimo.eth


Predomain’s new management tool that allows Bulk Renewal and Bulk Transfer is now live on both test and mainnets!


A video demo on the Predomain management tool for bulk renewal and transfers I put together.


very nice stuff ser!
appreciate yall staying on top of relevant ENS consumer needs as they come up. Looking forward to collaborating and seeing this develop

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I’m happy to announce that we’ve released the categories feature for Predomain today. One of the useful component of the package is the data node which supplies the data for each category (sales activity).

The data node is open-source and can be used by everyone. We’ll be developing the data node further to provide more features: as of now it provides data capture on sales activity (volume check module) and captures historical data back create in the past (historical module). We can add more modules to this software to provide features such as: registry and renewal detection, Twitter BOT integrations.

You can find the source for the data node software here: GitHub - predomain/data-feed


Predomain Late Q4 updates

  • we’ve made our move to Arweave from IPFS to benefit off of better data permanence and speed.
  • implemented caching and version control strategies to improve the speed of the application to 1.7s (my best - dependent on CPU), and 6s on first visit. This gives the application an opportunity to finally compete against Web2 platforms.
  • we’ve improved the UI (and will continue to do so) to make it more useful to the users.
  • we’ve released the “Storefront” and “Featured Items” features - storefront allows users to use their own .eth to showcase their domains (checkout my Storefront at And “Featured Items” makes use of ENS storage where the featured items data are stored and retrieved on the app for display - the data can also be used on other platforms (documentation on the data format will be added to

I’m quite happy how this is turning out. We’re still on track with our goal towards full decentralisation and have not compromised on the promise yet.

There’s still some pain-points that need to be solved, before we move on to other big developments including the marketplace, mainly speed and UI/UX.

Looking forward to next releases!

Thanks for reading.


Ping me if you would like to have a discussion about UI/UX.

I enjoy seeing your progress. Keep up the hard work !