{pRFP} ENS Avatar PFP

We need to publicize this and probably come up with alternative ways to submit proposals since not everyone has access to the forums.

@daylon.eth – can we make sure to put this into the next newsletter?


RE an alternate means - you could suggest people DM the stewards here on the forum, and they can post them to the thread.

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Share on Twitter, share everywhere, we need many submissions as possible, and vote for best :wink:


I m curious and would like to clarify:

Is this request looking for anthropomorphic or be represented as solely human characteristics?

Or leaning towards different random images i.e, simple scenery, polygons, linear other incorporated fundamental art fun stuff?

@deepnode.eth - Yes. That’s a great clarification question. Anything you described would be a valid submission.

The only formal requirement is that the submission supports 10 billion permutations, and it is suggested that the artist try to incorporate the ENS logo. Beyond that, the artist has full creative license.

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I don’t understand the point of having an “official” chosen avatar for ENS. Rather I think a more interesting approach would be to encourage having many alternative resolvers or avatars that are based on the ENS name.

For a recent example, here’s a proposal for making an AI pixel image based on the ENS name. It wouldn’t really be the traditional “randomize layers” approach but it’s very cool.

So instead of crowning one PFP, we should encourage having 5 or 6 that pop on the UI and then allow the user to add or create more.


Resolver subgroup that handles all resolver stuff? I am very much in favour of giving people options.

I would be good with that!

We didn’t put stipulations on the art. My hope would be that we have a diverse talent pool of artists who are excited to be highlighted. Art is so subjective and can tell a story. It can be cute, fun, deep, meta…we want the artists to be authentic to their unique style and present themselves in the best light possible in line with their work.

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My approach would be a 3D character avatar PFP with all kinds of traits like expressions, colors, clothing, accessories - open to any traits there can be.

Timeline between 1 and 2 months to get 10+B variations - probably a lot more.

Hope you guys like it <3


Hi @enspet,

These animals really appeal to me and even more so to young Harry, my ten year old son :smiley: (he particularly liked the colour changing chameleon)

You mentioned 1 month to completion, could you elaborate?

Wishing you well with this project, I think it has a lot of potential.

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This is very cool, but doesn’t seem to adhere to the RFP, which requires an unlimited collection. Are you proposing to adapt it to fit that requirement?


Yes, we will upgrade the code to meet the needs of unlimited collections


I think these are really cool, but yeah 10 billion permutations is a whole lot. If the colors of the animals were variable, and you added a generative background pattern that had different designs and colors, and then maybe a lot more animals… (100 animals * 333 colors * 1000 bg patterns * 333 colors = 11B). You can do it!


Hey everyone! Added in a new link to the proposal. If you missed it, it’s the link to the ENS branding kit.

Thank you!


Hello ENS DAO :wave:
Here is my proposal for the ENS Avatar PFP.
Generative artworks with infinite variations.
The project is called “ENS Flow”. The artworks have a wide variety and each one could be interpreted differently. The patterns are pseudo-random and will be derived from the ENS name. Density and complexity of the patterns is adjustable. Different color palettes can be chosen manually or pseudo-randomly.

Logo placement can be done in any way you would prefer. I would be happy to discuss it with one of your designers, to find the best pattern config, color palettes and logo placement.

I’m also working on a webpage where you can enter a name and generate the corresponding artwork. I’m assuming that server-side generation of the artwork is needed. I will build my PoC so that the name is sent to a server which then generates and returns the artwork.

I hope that my work meets the requirements.

More examples can be found here:


that’s pretty cool.

if you seed it with slobo.eth for one image and coltron.eth for another, how different will the images be?

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Thanks. Here are the results.



The seed generation is not final yet, so these patterns could be different in the final version.
For my PoC I will fetch the namehash from ENS Subgraph and use the last 104 bits of the hash as seed. The code uses two kinds of seeds, each one with 52 bits.
The total possible permutations will be 2¹⁰⁴ ≈ 2x10³¹ which should be more than enough!


That’s definitely very cool. Can you try estmcmxci.eth? :grimacing:

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Ok, here is one more. Chose a different color palette for you! :wink:

I’m as excited as you to see the result for different names.
So I will focus on building the tool so you can try it for yourself.
I’ll implement configuration options for adjusting the pattern and the colors.
Will try to finish it this week.

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