{pRFP} ENS Avatar PFP


The ENS DAO is launching a project to include a generative PFP builder into the platform. The project’s goal will be to provide ENS users with a unique PFP with randomized traits, conceptually similar to modern NFT collections.

Users will have the ability to select this PFP generator as an alternative to manually populating the ENS record avatar field. The randomized avatar will be a derivative of the ENS name. Each ENS name will always resolve to the same single permutaion of the avatar regardless of ownership transfers.

Scope of Work

This proposal is a formal request from the Ecosystem Working Group for the artwork that the PFP generator will use to create the unique images (layers, attributes, components, etc.)

This RFP is for the artwork only.

The artist is free to use whichever tools they prefer as long as a smart contract developer can use the resulting artwork.

The artwork in the awarded proposal will become the intellectual property of the ENS DAO upon receipt of the award.

Selection Criteria

The Ecosystem Working Group will field proposals from members of the public and ENS DAO members.

The Ecosystem Working Group will review the submissions, and the applicant will be selected based on the deliverables outlined below.

The final selection and the award of this RFP will be made by the ENS Ecosystem Working Group.


The deliverable will be the modular artwork components only.

Required Minimum Capabilities

The requirements for this artwork are:

Applicants should Include the following in their response:

  • Four unique examples of permutations from the collection
  • Timeline of expected completion
    • The Ecosystem Stewards may request additional artwork samples from applicants to make their final selection.
Submission Period 28 Days
Question Period 7 Days
Approval Period 7 Days
Executable Proposal Standard Timeframe
Expected Delivery Determined by the Applicant

RFP Manager

The RFP Manager is @Ginge.eth .

For any questions please feel free to post in this thread or message me directly.
The amazing @5pence is looking into tools right now, and would love to hear your ideas if you have any tools that are already in existence you would recommend.

Award Strategy

The Ecosystem Working Group will pay the selected applicant upon successful delivery and acceptance of the artwork.

No royalties will be awarded to the artist. This request is for a single commission, and payment will be one lump sum payment upon acceptance by the Ecosystem Working Group.


This RFP will be awarded as a lump sum for the deliverables. The budget shall not exceed $18,000.

Thank you @slobo.eth for leading our ecosystem meetings for valuable information to form this RFP. Thank you to @Coltron.eth and @5pence for the formulation and creation of this to ENS.
And of course our fearless leader @nick.eth for the forward momentum, ideas, and support


Hello ENS,
Prior to the ENS phenomenon we witnessed when the digits took place. I saw an opportunity to create what I believe to be the first of its kind minted on the Ethereum blockchain. A true pfp/mascot representing the new life of ens domains. I created what I call the ENS Cats which all had various traits; the cat color, the glasses, and the chain charm. This pfp was created to be fun, no utility, no roadmap. Just for the ENS community to have fun and an identity in web3. I am attaching some of the variations examples I have already minted. I do hope this community can adopt these cats as they also hold a special place in blockchain history. Let me know if there is anything else you need. Thanks!

I would think this would not take too long as I have already created and minted some of the pfps.


@thenftverse.eth - awesome work! That’s exactly the spirit of what this request is asking for. Thank you for sharing.

For this first iteration of the tool the ecosystem team will most likely select a design that incorporates the ENS branding, and it would be great if the artwork is universal in a way that would compliment every ENS name paradigm. It’ll also need to be complex enough to support 10 billion permutations.

It’s a pretty tall order, but the budget is also pretty high at :point_right: $18,000 :point_left:. :wink:

Your series here is a great example of other avatar sets that could be designed for future iterations of the project. There’s been suggestions for 10k specific avatar sets just like you’ve created, or perhaps sets that are only available to names minted before a certain date, etc. This would make a fantastic submission for one of those sets.

Once we get the first set off the ground the rinse/repeat aspect should be awesome.

Please keep the ideas coming. It’s going go be super cool to see what everyone comes up with.


I would appreciate if you could point me in the right direction from here where the potential for my design to possibly have a lifeline in ENS. Not sure what other related proposals are open.

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This RFP is the only artwork RFP currently open in the ENS DAO. There could certainly be others in the future, but I’m not sure that’s been decided yet.


I will certainly keep an eye out. Thanks


We need to publicize this and probably come up with alternative ways to submit proposals since not everyone has access to the forums.

@daylon.eth – can we make sure to put this into the next newsletter?


RE an alternate means - you could suggest people DM the stewards here on the forum, and they can post them to the thread.

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Share on Twitter, share everywhere, we need many submissions as possible, and vote for best :wink:


I m curious and would like to clarify:

Is this request looking for anthropomorphic or be represented as solely human characteristics?

Or leaning towards different random images i.e, simple scenery, polygons, linear other incorporated fundamental art fun stuff?

@deepnode.eth - Yes. That’s a great clarification question. Anything you described would be a valid submission.

The only formal requirement is that the submission supports 10 billion permutations, and it is suggested that the artist try to incorporate the ENS logo. Beyond that, the artist has full creative license.

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I don’t understand the point of having an “official” chosen avatar for ENS. Rather I think a more interesting approach would be to encourage having many alternative resolvers or avatars that are based on the ENS name.

For a recent example, here’s a proposal for making an AI pixel image based on the ENS name. It wouldn’t really be the traditional “randomize layers” approach but it’s very cool.

So instead of crowning one PFP, we should encourage having 5 or 6 that pop on the UI and then allow the user to add or create more.


Resolver subgroup that handles all resolver stuff? I am very much in favour of giving people options.

I would be good with that!

We didn’t put stipulations on the art. My hope would be that we have a diverse talent pool of artists who are excited to be highlighted. Art is so subjective and can tell a story. It can be cute, fun, deep, meta…we want the artists to be authentic to their unique style and present themselves in the best light possible in line with their work.

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My approach would be a 3D character avatar PFP with all kinds of traits like expressions, colors, clothing, accessories - open to any traits there can be.

Timeline between 1 and 2 months to get 10+B variations - probably a lot more.

Hope you guys like it <3


Hi @enspet,

These animals really appeal to me and even more so to young Harry, my ten year old son :smiley: (he particularly liked the colour changing chameleon)

You mentioned 1 month to completion, could you elaborate?

Wishing you well with this project, I think it has a lot of potential.

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This is very cool, but doesn’t seem to adhere to the RFP, which requires an unlimited collection. Are you proposing to adapt it to fit that requirement?


Yes, we will upgrade the code to meet the needs of unlimited collections


I think these are really cool, but yeah 10 billion permutations is a whole lot. If the colors of the animals were variable, and you added a generative background pattern that had different designs and colors, and then maybe a lot more animals… (100 animals * 333 colors * 1000 bg patterns * 333 colors = 11B). You can do it!