[pRFP] ENS DAO Merch Store

For what its worth, here are just some of the reasons we chose to structure our store around our partners Shopify & Printful and why we feel it is the best solution to the questions that have been submitted thus far.

  1. Shopify’s image uploader solves the customization problem by allowing customers to upload any image they’d like to use with their shirts or other merchandise. Within minutes, a user with basic computer literacy can download their ENS avatar SVG file from any marketplace, convert their SVG to either PNG or JPG with any free online conversion tool, & upload it with just a few clicks directly to our site! Printful also allows for various text personalization options, such as embroidery, that can be used on a wide array of merchandise.

  2. Working with Shopify & Printful enables our store operate at a high level of automation and requires very little hands-on technical support. This allows us to maintain the site for basically free & focus on other aspects such as marketing via the @ENSwear Twitter account & the day-to-day customer support.

  3. Our store is already essentially complete with regards to basic functionality & will not require months of developement time. We could order a shirt today & have it in our hands within a week, given we receive the DAO & Community Working Group approved art & products. Those can be uploaded within a couple hours & we’d be able to start fulfilling orders immeadiately. Our dweb site its currently being deployed via ENSwear.eth.limo & we hope to add SIWE login capability very soon.

  4. Our industry leading partners allow for huge scalabilty, versatility, & reliability! On-demand printing will alleviate production problems from single or small batch orders & will be able to support an extremely large volume of customers, whether we receive 1 order or 1000 orders at our grand opening! With our partners, we will be able to deliver our customers the most cost effective products available & a huge range of fabric options for our garments.

We are extremely dedicated to delivering the best merchandise store possible and delivers a customer-ready store with all the above benefits, and esssentially free to maintain, anywhere else!

  • ENSwear Team :slight_smile:
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This is not necessary with direct-to-garment printing, which is how services like Printful work.

I would like to see any proposal for a merch store automate this; users should not have to conduct these manual steps. Does your proposal include this?


Our store does not currently allow full automation of SVG conversion, but we will reach out to request quotes for the additional time & labor to custom develop this feature.

In the meantime, for users who are unable to upload their own PNG or JPG file, our management team proposes to offer a white-glove service to complete this task for a nominal fee of $2.75 per image.

Here is a very informative video talking about Direct-to-Garment Printing vs Silk Screen Printing.

If anyone is curious.


:-/ Sadly my shirt got cancelled while we were testing the order flow for this swag store.

But this is what it would look like to order a griff.eth hat :smiley:

We wiould of course make the store much more beautiful than the screenshot above. See https://swag.generalmagic.io/ to get an idea.

To be honest, the break down is pretty simple, it is just one of our product people managing ENS’s shop, being active on twitter, and anywhere else we think awareness will result in purchases. This same person will also provide customer support, fixing people’s orders, relaying bug reports and feature requests to our team, and doing whatever needs to be done to make the shop a success.

We discussed the $1000/month request and we can make it an option, either $1000 a month or we can add $6000 to the original quote and provide the same service without the monthly cost.

Looking at the other bids, we are much more expensive. So I imagine we will not get the bid, that said we would LOVE to take this project on. We take pride in our work, and are confident we would make it a success. We just are not in a position where we can take the financial risk of launching a custom shop given the market conditions.

These are a few of the shops we have done:


Notice we are focused on Web3 Public Goods projects! So ENS is a natural fit.


Will there be an announcement of the selected applicant soon?

Sorry for the delay. The deadlines I set on this process may have been optimistic, but this is being actively worked on. My priority is making sure we have fully explored the options before presenting the proposal.

@deepnode.eth, @5pence is working on setting up a call with you later this week.


I understand that other events had established overlap with precedence, and that is okay. I also agree about exploring options.

If another extension is being considered, we’d like the opportunity to revise our proposal slightly to include our new site being developed that will be full SIWE and be able to pull raw image metadata directly from user’s wallet so they’ll be able to use with their merchandise.

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