[pRFP] Request for Proposal for ENS Documentary 'The Billion Dollar Public Good'

Status: TempCheck


Requesting ENS DAO for an RFP to fund an ENS Documentary ‘The Billion Dollar Public Good’ [title subject to vote]

Scope of Work:

This documentary is envisioned as a low-budget creative work featuring founders and OG of ENS & ETH in their home countries. This includes:

  • nick.eth in NewZealand
  • avsa.eth in Brazil
  • vitalik.eth in Canada
  • lefteris.eth in Germany
  • ricmoo.eth in the US [?]
  • and other contributors such as former and present TNL staff, ENS developers and Laura Shin.

Broadly, the work should be a maximum of 1.5 hour long documentary of ‘The Billion Dollar Public Good’ [subject to vote] and its origins, evolution and future. The documentary should also serve the theme of public good and associate itself with a charitable cause, and raise funds for the said cause if possible. It should be responsibly shot, not be sensationalist, and focus on the founders, OG, ENS, DAO and the charitable cause. It should be shot by a team of two in order to minimise the carbon footprint and should ideally feature the OG in the best of their environments. The DAO should mint it as an NFT.

Selection Criteria:

  • Demonstrated skill and enthusiasm
  • Script and vision
  • Integration of Public Good theme
  • Be able to travel


  • Operational: No more than 200,000 USDC all inclusive


  • 3-6 months maximum until release

Should ENS fund the documentary?

  • Yes
  • No

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This is the last pRFP from my side :innocent: Please add your thoughts and comments below!

When I was in high school, I took part in producing a 60 minute TV show each month. An older friend of mine that was in the program ahead of me has continued with production work in LA just finished a movie project, a great producer. Funny, Just yesterday I pitched this Idea to him and I had not seen this post. He told me he has people on his team that had completed a dogecoin documentary. So I accidentally / I ironically got the word out to the right people.

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Timely coincidence, although I imagine this is not on the priority list. Not until Q3/4 at least

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