Problem 2x airdrop ENS

I have a big problem about the ENS tokens. I have received information about the second time ENS tokens receiving via Metamask. But when i open Metamask, i have clicked false button, i have clicked " Reject " instead of " Confirm ". And then alls of Token ENS disappeared. . That ist so stupid from me. Can you help me to double check my wallet Adresse again, and resend one more time, please please… 0x957775E38A54D9cef83aDD84f4D22b58206e18d4

your tokens are in binance:

Hi Grasponcrypto.eth,

That transaction ist the first time i have received and it’s done. But i want to talk about the second time airdrop ENS this morning. I have received the information in Metamask this morning and i see the ENS tokens, but i click on " Reject" instead of " Confirm" button, and then all of ENS tokens is disappear. I think that the tokens returned to the DAO, when I click on " Reject". I am asking that how can I receive the second time ENS again?
Much Thanks.

There is no second airdrop. You claimed your tokens, sent them to another address, thus they’re “gone”.

I got it, thank you so much.