Problems connecting MEW to ENS

Hi folks…I set up a MEW on the Web many years ago. I have lost the pass phrase, but have the private key, and have accesss to my MEW. I have been told that I am due some ENS airdrop, as I held an ens address. Whenever I claim them via the ens.domain site, it defaults to the official mew android app. However, I cannot use this, as I don’t have the 24 word phrase, and it won’t let me use the private key as it says it isn’t safe. Is there any way around this problem?
Many thanks in advance…

You need to be very careful who you trust asking these questions. Do not respond to any DMs here nor anywhere else. In all but the rarest most extreme cases, users should be able to help you publicly - please distrust anyone who tells you otherwise.

If you have the private key, just use any other wallet. I’d personally recommend metamask. Follow this guide to import a private key into metamask, then use your metamask enabled browser to go to https://claim.ens.domain and make your claim. I would recommend sending your ENS, and other funds, to a more secure wallet after that.

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You, my friend, are amazing! I expected a few hundred quid maybe, but wow! I owe you a pint or 10! Thanks sooo much for your help…:+1:

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