Proposal diversify products at ENS Merch Store

Hey Everyone, I quite like the current style of ENS Merch Store, that’s the simple style of middle-aged guys like me or most of the ENS Team members :mage:. In order to increase Merch Store sales as well as brand awareness, today I have 2 proposal:

_ Users who purchase/renew domains for 3 years or more will receive a gift card to shop at Merch Store. This will help motivate users to register domain names longer term, helping to increase domain name sales as well as products at the Merch Store.

_ Diversify products at Merch Store, Focus on souvenirs and desk decorations eg: Key chain, Mouse pads, Phone case, Laptop Sleeves, Backpack, Clocks, Pillow, socks… Most of us like products that have our domain name on it, express our personal identity. We have a large number of Users and if we know how to develop Merch Store properly, it will bring us a huge source of profit. Take a look at some product samples:

I hope my proposal can help you guys have more ideas to develop Merch Store, btw I want everyone to know that I’m here as a member of the community, a supporter of the ETH maxis. I am not looking for any job position or grant from ENS Team bc it’s too much responsibility for me and right now I’m quite busy with my main job. I’m still holding a large bag of ENS tokens, so ENS’s future success is also my success. I’m here to help you in any way I can. Nice to make friends with everyone here :heart:


Hey @thomasvr.eth! I love your ideas on improving the merch store, and I’ve been thinking a lot of the same things!

I recently jumped on the General Magic team (who built the existing merch store) and am in the process of applying some changes and improving the products of the existing - adding new colors & adjusting a bit the designs.

Before I jumped on this project, there was a lot of coordination between the General Magic team (who built the swag shop) & members of the ENS DAO, and from what I understand ENS designers wanted relatively understated designs, with the logo small so as not to have soo much open space in the middle.

So regarding:

I am happy to help coordinate adding some other options for customization, but I think the main focus right now should be getting the shop in front of more ENS holders to increase sales. I think there is a big comms issue here where many people don’t even know the shop exists. After improving some of the designs, my plan is to try to get the swag shop linked to from the official site, and then coordinate a marketing push to get more awareness on it.

Regarding your 2nd point:

I also think this is a really cool idea, and if there is enough support for it from other members of the DAO, I’m happy to try to coordinate with the General Magic team to scope out the work for adding in gift cards on purchases, but I do really think before we do that there needs to be 1st a focus on getting the swag shop more integrated with the rest of the existing ENS flow for users.