( proposal ) ens in morocco 2024

• Hi @clowes.eth , the price for lease stadium It varies for each country and also my friend he will work with me he’s basketball player and famous in Morocco club , they give him discount .

• spreading ENS to other areas of the world is a fantastic idea Especially the Arabs at this time . And as a beginning for me, it is Morocco and if my proposal passed i will make new one with new idea to go in dubia

• as u see this’s my first proposal that’s mean i have never ENS News in Arabic , But topic will be for exmple : (new proposal posted and Track their work ) etc…

Morocco seems lovely, I remember when they wanted to make Devcon 4 in Morocco and I think it should’ve been. I’d love to go and I think organizing a conference there would be awesome.

Having said that, I think your post needs you to talk more about your prior experience organizing conferences. I am a bit skeptical of the prices, but I understand that currency valuation varies a lot.

Also, I think the best way to do it would probably to start with a smaller event or hackathon for which you asked ENS sponsorship. Instead of saying each payment is one conference" I think it’s best if you show us the conference you’re trying to organize, how far along is it, which other sponsors have you gotten so far, who will be speaker etc. Tell us about a local meetup you have organized, or a small scale conference you’ve been a part of the team for.
That’s how usually these events are planned.


• i want to start build arab community in morocco and after that i will go to dubia that what in my mind now . You will tell me why arab people ? I will tell u just go check twitter of binance mena u will see only this month how many giveway they did and inside this giveway people should to do something to get the prize , that’s mean Marketing in a smart way ( i know binance not like ENS but i give u just exmple ) and also you will see many conferences they did in morocco & dubia many arab conturies

• About the prices I wrote carefully where it would go and my team will be me and zakaria and other of my friends will help me In this event

Who are the other sponsors and speakers at your conference? Usually there are multiple sponsors for a conference.

That’s good question .

sponsors : We will get support from each city based on basketball team Because they are the ones who are very popular here .

speakers : at moment me and zakaria & and girl her name ( ihssan > doesn’t want to share her informations here ) also if we found other spakers i will update .

Thanks .

Update : what we did before ?

Salim :

• in 2017 i was secondly speaker in conference supported by alc , From which I gained good experience speaking in front of a number of people.

Zabaria :

• Picture with my basketball team

• Visiting poor village and doing medical check-ups with classmates.

• perfect event with korean people & Moroccan in nature supported by alc.

We have a lot of memories but that’s pictures we found.

Thanks .

You seem like a very dedicated guy with a big enthusiasm for the ecosystem. Here’s my recommendation:

  • start setting up local meetups. These can be very cheap to make
  • get in contact with other members of Arabian ethereum community. Back in 2018 there was a big push for DevCon Morrocco, ill see if I can find who was organizing it
  • Go to other conferences and volunteer as an organizer, this is great for making contacts and acquiring experience
  • Start organizing small events and then seeking sponsorships from multiple parties (ENS included)
  • Organize virtual meetups
  • Get a small grant for organizing a meetup or translating documents at ensgrants.xyz

Hi ,Thank you for this beautiful words .

i will contact my team and tell them that & We will work on this soon


• We did small meetup with our friends talking about ENS .

• Our next step we will create a topic in the forums for the temp check for our proposal, we need to have other people delegate their tokens to us, enough to reach 10k voting power or someone delegate who has at least 10k voting power to submit the proposal for us.

Update :

• This t-shirt will given to our audience in the conferences In order to look beautiful and unified .

• This’s the 10 teams basketball design will be in the competitions

you need to own morocco.eth do that properly

maybe better idea would be to issue subnames for all conference participants under morocco.eth


Morocco.eth is for slae for 30eth, sorry if that’s not the news you wanted to hear. I’m thinking it would be way over your budget. I suppose you can certainly print those t-shirts, but the message will be tad misaligned.

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Hi ,

Thank u to let me hear that but just now a Search for a lot of names i found them avilable also cost only 5$ i will update t-shirt & everything when my proposal passed , i can’t post new name now maybe someone will buy it .

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this is spot on! :slight_smile: first rule of ens name, don’t talk about ens name :slight_smile:

until you register it of course! :slight_smile:

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Yes morocco.eth was register in 2023-08-16
Don’t worry we will find good one to represent our proposal

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Hey @Moneky_D.Luffy, I’ve been following this post for the past week and have considered it through the lens of the Public Goods working group to see if there is anything I could suggest as Public Goods steward. For context, the Public Goods working group focuses on funding in the broader Web3 and Ethereum ecosystems, whereas other working groups are focused more specifically on the ENS ecosystem in isolation.

In addition to clearly envisioning the long-term positive effects of this request, I also struggle to see the value of this proposal in driving the adoption of Ethereum or Web3 at large. In the past, we have generally focused on more technical and education-oriented initiatives, while this opportunity primarily centers around sporting events with ENS/Web3 as a secondary focus.

One good example of a similar request that has seen success is Ethereum Guatamala, which received a 10k grant in 2023 to host an in-person event focused on Web3 builders and education. They hosted a hackathon and talks and delivered an exceptional amount on a relatively small budget. This funding helped them kickstart an annual event that was repeated this year. I recognize this may be a unicorn example, but we are still seeing a return on that 10k grant, and it has created an ongoing relationship with a community. As a DAO and working group, we should strive for more of these opportunities.

Unfortunately, I don’t see a strong case for direct funding from our working group, but you are welcome to explore the following options:

  • Find a delegate to sponsor your proposal directly or,
  • Submit to our Small Grants round (live later this week), which is a great way to validate community interest in funding.

Hi @Coltron.eth thanks for this informations

• First thing we will start translation pages into arabic In order to make it easier for the Arab community to read and understand.

• Sure we will looking for a delegate to sponsor our proposal and become our escorow because we need that.

Which pages or docs? There is not currently a bounty or payment (either expressed or implied) that is associated with this translation task you’ve invented.

The docs have moderators and they handle this internally as far as I am aware.

• We know there is not currently a bounty for translation but we added price before in ens news weekly , that’s why we will start that now

• I contacted person in the team , still waiting his answer and we will see What will we start with?


• we are working now for event application that’s will help our audience To reach easily know the date and location of the Conference & basketball competition.

That’s just first test In English and Arabic language .

After all your good feedback we have decided to start only one conference & small basketball competitions in our city Rabat.

• Conference : will reach 100-200 people.

• Basketball competitions : will reach 4 teams , each team 10 players , 100-50 audience

Budget we need :

• Conferences room : 100 usd

• Advertising : 80 usd

• Workshop Materials : 200 usd

• Catering : 200 usd

• Registration and security staff : 100 usd

• Video recording : 150 usd

• Video editing : 100 usd

• English translation = 60 usd

• English subtitles = 60 usd

• Leasing basketball stadium 2 days for each city : 150 usd

• ENS Merchandise: different shirt for 240 players, different 30 banners and 240 stickers = 300 usd

• ENS Tables , chairs for the Ambassadors 60 usd

• Prizes: Teams: 600 usd

• Cameraman: 100 usd

> • Total = 2260 usd