Public Goods Growth Grants


The Public Goods working group stewards are introducing Growth Grants :potted_plant: – a new retroactive grant opportunity from the Public Goods working group! With this grant, we are proud to award 10k USDC to five projects that have positively impacted the Ethereum or Web3 ecosystems.

The primary goal of this grant is to recognize and support established projects that have demonstrated their value and positively impacted the Ethereum or Web3 landscapes.

At the same time, we aim to help projects that have received repeated community support in our Small Grants grow upward into additional Public Goods funding opportunities from the ENS. This new opportunity helps clear the room in our Small Grants pool while promoting larger grants and new entry points for funding.

The submission phase will run for approximately two weeks, from April 14th to May 4th, with the review phase taking place the following week. We will officially announce the winners on May 18th, and the entire process will run for one month.

If you have any questions about the Growth Grants process or your submission content, please direct questions to this forum thread or one of our Grantee Workshops.

Key Dates

  • Submission Phase - April 14th – May 4th
  • Grantee Workshops - April 17th, 24th and May 1st.
  • Review Phase - May 4th – 15th
  • Winners Announced - May 18th


  • 10k USDC will be awarded to five winning grant submissions.


We have purposefully designed the eligibility criteria to be broad to attract submissions throughout the Ethereum ecosystem, and from new builders who may not have been aware of Public Goods grants from the ENS.

In the context of this grant, we’re looking for infrastructure, tools or educational resources that improve Ethereum and Web3 for users or developers.

Qualifying Criteria

  • Is a Web3 or Ethereum Public Good.
  • Retroactive (An existing, live and working project.)
  • Has clear roadmap or objectives

Disqualifying Criteria

  • ENS-centric submission. (These are directed to ENS Ecosystem WG.)
  • Not retroactive
  • Incomplete submissions

Note: ENS-centric submissions, i.e., building or improving on the ENS Ecosystem, are ineligible for this grant. Projects that have submitted to the ENS Ecosystem Small Grants, for example, will be considered ENS-centric and ineligible.

Submission & Evaluation Process

All submissions will be accepted only using the provided form. It will take approximately 15-30 minutes to complete the grant form.

We encourage drafting the answers to these questions before visiting the form, so you can easily copy and paste them.

All responses are private and will only be shared with working group stewards as necessary to evaluate submissions.

Categories of Submission

Applicants will select one of three categories that best fits thier submission. These help us understand the grant submissions and intentions better. One category is not weighted more than the others.

  • Infrastructure - Core technical implementations used by developers or enable Web3 or the Ethereum network.
  • Tools - Utilities that improve the way we interact with Web3 and Ethereum.
  • Education - Information and resources that foster a better understanding of Ethereum or Web3.

Submission Deadline

:pushpin: All submissions must be submitted via Deform by 11:59pm EST on May 4th.

Evaluation Rubric

The Public Goods Working Group Stewards will evaluate all submissions using the following rubric.

Applicants are expected to familiarize themselves with this rubric or attend one of our Grantee Workshops for assistance with their submission.

How to Apply?

  • Applications Open Now - Official Form
  • Visit this Notion for comprehensive details before submitting.

I have passively grown these in the works over the past year:

Ethereum Network Production

Reddit Community Sub (2K members)



I have a heap of TLD’s and Web3 names for giveaway growth ploys.

I’m also working on a TMD Guide for Business Planners in Australia.

How am I doing? Should I apply?

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To keep this thread informational, I want to refrain from workshopping or giving feedback on individual proposals in this thread.

Please attend one of our grantee workshops if you want feedback specifically on your proposal.

(Sending you a quick DM.)

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Growth Grants Workshops Reminder :date:

Three workshop opportunities are available for grantees who need assistance or who desire synchronous assistance with any part of the submission process. These group calls will take place on Google Meet with a 30-minute run time.

April 17th - Held on Google Meet at 2pm EST (Event has passed.)
April 24th - Held on Google Meet at 12pm EST
May 1st 2pm - Held on Google Meet at 2pm EST.

More info :point_right: Growth Grants and Grantee Workshops

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Growth Grants: Last Call for Submissions!

This is a friendly reminder that you have less than 12 hours to submit your Growth Grants application to our Deform. Submit by May 4th 11:59pm EST.

The current tally is a total of 31 submissions, and we’d like to see yours included too!

If you’ve submitted and have feedback on this process, feel free to let us know how it went. :point_right: Feedback


:stop_sign: Submissions are now closed :stop_sign:

The working group stewards will review the applications. Winners will be announced on the May 18th working group call.

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The Growth Grant results are in!

(Drum roll, please. :drum:)

Growth Grant Winners

1. DAppNode - ENS Profile | Twitter

  • DAppNode is a decentralized platform allowing users to run their various decentralized applications (DApps) that is simple to use and highly secure and provides users with full control over their data and applications.

2. | ENS Profile | Twitter

  • helps affected users stay safe against smart contract risks and scammers by providing a dashboard that they can use to keep their token allowances in check. It also protects users by providing a browser extension that warns users about these common phishing scams.

3. EVMcrisper | ENS Profile | Twitter

  • EVMcrispr is a versatile and user-friendly scripting language designed to facilitate complex operations and voting processes within DAOs and other applications on the Ethereum network, streamlining tasks such as deploying, upgrading, and managing smart contracts.

4. Gashawk | ENS Profile | Twitter

  • enables free, automated, and non-custodial savings of up to 95% on Ethereum TX fees for individuals and institutions.

5. Ethereum Guatemala | Twitter

  • Ethereum Guatemala is a community of Ethereum enthusiasts focused on promoting growth through various initiatives in Central America, such as onboarding students, showcasing local art, developing DeFi projects, hosting hackathons, and exploring blockchain use to foster innovation and diversity in the global Ethereum ecosystem.

Steward Comment on Round Results

There were many good projects submitted to the first Public Goods Growth Grants round. A huge thank you :pray: goes out to everyone participating in this process. Those who submitted projects provided feedback, and attended workshops and working group calls were essential to ensuring this grant opportunity was possible.

The Growth Grants were designed to provide a larger grant amount and help graduate repeat winners from the Small Grants pool. Four of the winners have won Small Grants more than once, indicating that this process accomplished that goal.

We received over 30 well-qualified submissions, and this grant is something I recommend continuing for the upcoming term. - @Coltron.eth

Next Steps

  • Following verification of payment information the winners will receive 10k USDC from the Public Goods working group…
  • Recommending this to be continued next term following assessment of grant/Small Grants opportunities
  • All projects that have been submitted (including those that did not win) are invited to present on our weekly Public Goods calls.


Feedback is encouraged. If you have feedback for this or any of the Public Goods Grants, please submit using this form.


Congratulations to all of the grantees! I can say on behalf of the Ethereum Guatemala community that we are overjoyed to have received the support of the ENS DAO :slight_smile: