Proposal: EP Renumbering

Any thoughts / strong opinions on renumbering EPs by term? So the first EP of term 2 would be EP2.1; a multi-part EP like the budget requests would be EP2.3.1, etc.


Strongly in favor of a numbering system like this. From a search and archiving perspective, it makes a lot of sense.

100% in favor of this especially when thinking of long-term systems and processes. Plus, doing so now helps to lessen the retroactive work needed vs. doing this 3 or 4 years from now.

would existing EPs be renumbered, or just new ones?

This is great, I support this.

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Makes sense going forward, but would it be retroactively applied too? That part might be a small pain.

I think it would make sense to retroactively renumber existing EPs.

I’m in favour of this as well. It makes the numbering clearer, and easier to follow. Since we have so few proposals to date, we can also retroactively re-number past proposals without incurring that many problems.

I do think that the retroactively re-numbered proposals should each contain a short explanation of the numbering change, as well as making sure that old links to any of those proposals still works (as they might be embedded in articles, posts and so on.)


In favor.

@Cthulu.eth touched on it, but I think we can simply annotate the changes made in the gov docs and update any links/references to reflect the new convention.


I was thinking about this a couple months ago along with other general document restructuring for referencing.

If I snooze I lose. lol.

I like it going forward like everyone else.

Retroactively I think it may cause confusion since there are plenty of places that discuss past ENS EP’s (besides the gov decs/links here), so it may cause confusion.

Also, I’m not sure, what we get by retroactively changing the numbering?

Consistency mostly! I think that a couple of years from now it’d be much more confusing if we don’t renumber, and we have EP3 (from the first months of the DAO) and EP3.1 (from the beginning of term 3).


I’ve merged a PR accomplishing this.

Maybe it’s a bit late to comment, but wouldn’t it make more sense to have year instead of term numbers? Even if one follow closely the, say, US politics news cycle, most probably don’t remember which congress number the current one is, just that it was elected on year X.

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