Proposal: .eth domains used to help the ETH ecosystem

The ETH ecosystem uses a couple of addresses that are something like “public goods”. (For example 0x0.)

It would be very helpful is the ENS DAO managed some domains that resolve to addresses with a very specific use.

  • Like an address that is used to burn tokens.
  • Or one used for examples (so, documentation examples, instead of mentioning foo.eth, something.eth or example.eth and not knowing if this actually is registered by someone, we could have test.ens.eth, and even make sure that there is a smart contract rejecting any transfers for example).
  • I’m sure there are more cases like the above ones.

I would suggest that these domains are under ens.eth (for example burn.ens.eth) to make sure that if we want to register a new one, it will be available, and also as a guarantee to users that yes, this domain points to the address that you think it’s pointing to.