Proposal for ENS verification of twitter .eth usernames

With the launch of the NFT project, there will be an existing twitter account <> wallet relationship that we can leverage.

There’s two ways I can think of on how one can prove ownership of an ENS name.

  1. Through the ENS record metadata which can bypass the wallet linking process
  2. The wallet mapping above. Where an linked account implicitly proves ownership (via the corresponding NFT or querying the contract directly) .

There’s a lot of great ideas here in how a verified ENS name can be rendered in the UI. I don’t think would be the primary concern and the product/design teams would have feedback on this

This is definitely true. Extending ENS name verification support isn’t the biggest endeavor/problem. This would already implicitly work after launch for NFTs if folks set the ENS ERC721 as their user avatar. But we should think about how ENS can also add value back to the platform (doesn’t have to be Twitter specific, but a value add for any “web2” ). Some random ideas

  • Could an ENS name easily translate into an immediate twitter account? Making it easy to participate in conversation
  • Should web2 platforms explore domain-specific resolvers i.e .twttr that can plug into the web3 ecosystem

Would like to bump this discussion here, as twitter already supporst NFT profile picture.

I believe an ideal future would be to use ENS as the use handle and display name on Twitter (with verification by Twitter).

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