Proposal: ❤️LikeButton.eth❤️


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Provide an ENS grant to ENSpunks.eth for retroactive funding, maintenance, and ongoing development of the LikeButton.eth project for the next 10-12 months.


ENSpunks.eth first posted a Temp Check for the LikeButton.eth concept in the ENS DAO forum May 23.

Temp Check: Decentralized “Like Button” for ENS

At its core LikeButton.eth is decentralized likes/like buttons created by fractionalizing LikeButton.eth into $❤️.

Admittedly LikeButton.eth is ambitious, especially in light of ENSpunks.eth not having a technical background. Yet through sheer passion and love for ENS, and the ENS community, ENSpunks.eth built a product on ENS that the community uses and loves. With proper funding and resources for 10-12 months of funding ENSpunks.eth would like the opportunity to continue to work on and grow LikeButton.eth.

In consideration of the work completed and continued contribution to the ENS Ecosystem & Public Goods, per Article III of the ENS Constitution, ENSpunks.eth respectfully requests a grant from ENS DAO for retroactive funding, ongoing develop and maintenance of LikeButton.eth.

Analytics Snapshot

  • The First $❤️ was sent to Nick.eth on May 24

  • 90% Airdropped to ENS DAO & ENS DAO Working Groups
  • 5% Airdropped to Maintainer.eth
  • Total Holders: 412
  • Total Transactions: 283 (many were multi-wallet transfers)
  • Total $❤️ distributed by ENSpunks.eth: 172,147

Public Goods Activities

  • Non-financial tool to increase community engagement and interaction
  • Tool for sponsorships/grants
  • Giving :heart: is good for the soul and the definition of a public good

What :heart:LikeButton.eth​:heart: Has Done With No Funding…

:white_check_mark: Fractionalized LikeButton.eth into 1B $:heart: tokens
:white_check_mark: Created a Twitter Account/Twitter Bot @ENSLikeButton (needs improvement)
:white_check_mark: Sponsored multiple ENS community members and hosts of Twitter Spaces with 10,000​:heart: & ETH for gas
:white_check_mark: Set ENS content record to redirect to a multi-wallet batch transfer tool built by Moonshot Collective built by the GitCoin community
:white_check_mark: Mapped $:heart: onto an L2 (Polygon) and bridged a small amount of $:heart: to begin experimenting with low cost transfers of $:heart: on
:white_check_mark: Wolfram.eth built a Google Chrome Extension for LikeButton.eth
:white_check_mark: $:heart: balances integrated into .photos by Sean Murray (3531.eth). Ex.:

Where :heart:LikeButton.eth​:heart: Funds Will Go…

:heart: Developing, growing & maintaining :heart:LikeButton.eth​:heart:.
:heart: Paying for developers & community management.
:heart: Redeveloping the LikeButton.eth Twitter bot for Ethereum & L2s.
:heart: Development of the website to subdomains automatically map to registered ENS names and automatically generate websites that display $❤️ analytics for the ENS user.
:heart: R&D for potential airdrops from the 90% of $:heart: held by the ENS DAO to the ENS community.
:heart: And more to come!

Excerpt from the ENS DAO Constitution

Article III. Income funds ENS and other public goods
Any income generated to the ENS treasury is to be used first of all to ensure the long-term viability of ENS, and to fund continuing development and improvement of the ENS system. Funds that are not reasonably required to achieve this goal may be used to fund other public goods within web3 as ENS governance sees fit.

Retroactive Funding & Grant Budget

ENSpunks.eth respectfully requests that the ENS DAO support LikeButton.eth with a grant for retoractive funding for the work completed and the ongoing development & maintenance of LikeButton.eth for the next 10-12 months as a Public Good to the ENS community and for the value to the ENS ecosystem.

Budget Request:

0.2 USDC per $❤️ distributed (172,147) = 34,429.4 USDC in three rounds pending review by the DAO at the end of each round.


I support this cause, I have personally used the ENS likebutton and have had a lot of fun using it and it also brings awareness to ENS :slight_smile:


ENS like-button is a great way to promote ens. It links the community as well helps onboarding new users by creating a layer of networking within the ens umbrella. I personally think this is a very good idea and moreover have seen many send like-button to community members who are doing good work.


I have been using the Ens like-button since it’s inception and I’ve seen how the community is more connected because of it and have embraced it. It feels good to receive :heart: from community members who recognize the work you’re doing in the ens community as a way to support each other and a kind gesture that costs a little gas. It’s even more enjoyable sending them to others.


I agree and support this entirely





I love the likebutton.eth, this is an amazing early proof of concept that the ens community uses. It’s a good for good deeds. Let’s do it! :heart_eyes_cat::grin:


likebutton.eth is an innovative tool that promotes positivity in the ENS ecosystem and I hope to see this evolve into a norm for ENS users. Something as simple as sending hearts between ENS users strengthens the community, enhances the platform by offering incentives for onboarding, education, and other good deeds within the space, and most importantly, is uplifting to send and receive. Integrating features that boost morale in the community is an often-overlooked necessity and this project would continue to be beneficial for everyone involved. Great work with likebutton.eth!!


I support this, but I’d like some clarification on what specifically the funding will be used for.

Development - got it, self-explanatory. This just means payment for work done, right? So what work will be done, and by whom? Is there a roadmap? Funding allocation breakdown?

Maintenance - what requires funding to be maintained?