PROPOSAL to correct ENS transfer mistake - back to rightful owners

I was soooo thrilled to claim my tokens 222 to be exact! As I believe in the DAO & ENS. However, when I went to transfer my $ENS to my other MM account, I accidentally sent them back to the ENS contract.

I am asking that the tokens which I “returned” to the DAO be sent back to me and any other users that have experienced the same situation - which made me sick to my stomach. I’m sure they share the same sentiment.

I have evidence of the claim and return and thank you in advance for your time & consideration when looking into this matter.

Thank you @nick.eth @slacker @grasponcrypto.eth @Jeff.eth for your help and support thus far!


Please don’t post lots of separate threads about this, it makes it harder to keep the conversation in one place.

Closing as a duplicate of Proposal to Correct ENS Transfer Errors back to Contract.

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