Proposal to establish a ENS name donation mechanism

I believe there are many ENS owners who are like me want to donate some ENS names. Yes, I am a domain squatter :slightly_smiling_face:. I have some types of ENS names (charity and crowdfunding), and I want to donate them to the corresponding projects (globalgiving.eth and donorbox.eth), so that my other ENS names of the same type may be easier to sell (coingiving.eth and coindonate.eth). It is hoped that the ENS team can receive these donations(donated ENS names that are deemed to have a certain value) and can give some rewards to donors(poap or $ENS). The most important thing is that the ENS team should contact the projects and let them use their ENS names.


My 2 cents…

ENS names have a value based on the creative use to which those domains have been put. There’s not really a “high value” domain…

Facebook is kind of a silly name. It’s actually a bit too silly to take seriously.

Google is kind of an odd name. It doesn’t mean anything to anyone in 1997.

Twitter is an absurd name. I’m sure I would have laughed at someone mentioning it in 2002.

There’s no value in a name in and of itself.

Don’t confront, but draw the enemy into our ecosystem :slightly_smiling_face:

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If the domain name lends itself to reasonable expansion, you can expand the benefit by keeping control of the domain name, as Registrant, and gift the subdomain name, as Controller.

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