Proposal to establish a message and reply system on the ENS profile homepage

Many Ethereum users want to contact other Ethereum users (for example, NFT sellers want to contact buyers who are potentially interested in buying their NFTs, or NFT buyers want to contact NFT holders whether they want to sell their NFTs). There is indeed a great demand for communication between anonymous Ethereum users.If this function can be realized on ENS, then ENS will have more value.

This communication system can be messages and replies on the ENS profile homepage, or it can be a mail-like method.

Also, ENS users can set Get Paid To Chat. This can prevent some big players from being bombarded by promoters’ messages.

I hope that ENS will have more practical functions, so that more people would be interested in using it

ENS crypto transfer is great, ENS anonymous communication will be even greater :upside_down_face:

This is a great idea…but I do not believe it is for ENS to tackle.

This is an ideal solution for another to team to tackle, and for off-chain and ipfs/swarm - maybe even nucypher for group message encryption. I imagine Ethereum Push Notification Services (EPNS) project will be a major component of that and ENS will be used as an integration.

ENS is not a communication protocol, and best to leave those projects to other teams to focus resources and personnel on.

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Agree. ENS can integrate this function. Hope this function can be realized soon. :partying_face:

I think its the opposite. ENS will not integrate this function, this function - aka project when it becomes creation - would integrate ENS.

Here’s the deal, ENS is so important, so big of an idea, that we could spend all day listing projects that should integrate ENS. Everything from browsers, to chat apps, to the already alpha SIWE (Sign In With Ethereum)

There was also a project back in the day, hell! seems its still around, called I was rather pleased with the idea as a concept and mentioned to the creator back then to integrate ENS. The major downside was that messages were stored on a centralized server, and I’m not sure the messages are even encrypted, though to me the entire point of sending a message to an eth address would be the ability to encrypt it in a manner in which only the private key could decrypt…

I digress, my point is that ENS cannot integrate every amazing idea that should use ENS, ENS is here to exist such that these amazing ideas can become projects and integrate ENS themselves. So my advice is see the goal and stay on target. Coming up with these ideas is great, attempting to burden ENS project with them is different, though, let ENS be ENS.

Yes, I immediately thought of ethmail! It does need encryption at least as an option, though (obviously only in cases where a public key can be determined)

I agree with your opinion. I hope that ENS team can take the initiative to communicate with these project teams to accelerate the adoption of ENS. I am worried that ENS team’s inaction will make other crypto domain name systems more adopted.