Proposal to Move ENS from Discord to Console

I’d like to propose the ENS community ditch Discord and move to

What is Console?
Console is an all-in-one community platform offering ENS & SIWE identity verification. Here’s the Console pitch deck for communities.

What features does Console offer?
:purple_heart: Group chat
:purple_heart: Live video & audio Spaces
:purple_heart: Event pages

What are the benefits?
:sparkles: Convert the ENS DAOs’ twitter followers into emails and build a direct relationship owned by the ENS DAO.
:sparkles: 100% natively verify users with ENS (subdomains included)
:sparkles: More securely read onchain data, issue BASE loyalty NFTs, tokengate and more.
:sparkles: Build on Web3

Why move to Console?
If we believe in Web3, we need to support applications that are built on ENS and Web3. Let’s be the change we want to see in the world by supporting tools that enhance ENS. In turn, Console can continue to serve the needs of ENS and other communities that rely on ENS.

How is Console supporting ENS and Web3?
See this essay proudly building a trustLess future.

How does Console make ENS better?
In early 2023, Console announced native support for ENS domains. Since then we’ve been championing the values and opportunity of ENS. Today Console is the only group chat platform supporting ENS. We are among your biggest supporters.

Next steps: Support this proposal, leave feedback, ask questions.

Two things you can do to support ENS and Console:

  1. Sign the proposal to bring ENS to Console
  2. Leave a comment (or leave your favorite emoji) in the comments below

CC @Limes @estmcmxci

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Hey castig.eth, sounds enticing! You’re welcome to ping the @Ecosystem_Stewards and request a slot to share a demo about your project during an upcoming Ecosystem call. This would be a great opportunity to walk through your project and demonstrate how it could be a value add to the ENS community.

As a Meta-Governance steward, I believe it’s important to support efforts that aim to improve productive (non-spam) communication within the ENS community, especially those built on onchain rails. I feel that Console has the potential to serve this purpose. I encourage the community to engage in open conversation on this matter.