Proposal: Verification of TXT data

My proposal aims to increasing the value of TXT records in an ENS registration thru validation. ENS would charge to do the validation.

The premise is simple. When I add com.twitter TXT record to a .eth ENS record (DNS record are already verified , but the process could be the same), if can pay extra to validate the TXT record. This could be done by tweeting from my account to @ENSVerification or by having a twitter oAuth flow on the ens registration dapp. These are both well known methods for linking/verification twitter accounts. Similar mechanisms for insta, fb, li, tt, dc, etc, etc.

This would help curb misuse of .eth names by squatters and hackers, as the more verified TXT records a .eth name has the more likely you are who you say you are. Identity Credit Score if you will.

Its market based, decentralized, etc, so there should not be many/any philosophical problems with it. Also it will increase the ENS Treasury.


Please refer to the Official ENS DAO Documentation regarding the proposal process.

If you have any questions, please ask.

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One reason we haven’t tried to do this so far is that it intrinsically requires a trusted oracle; there’s no decentralised way to verify that an ENS name owns a particular Twitter handle without every end user fetching and verifying the ‘proof’ tweet.


@nick.eth Have you looked at what spruce has done with TzProfiles? Isn’t this the same concept?