Proposal - What option will bots prefer? - need help


I am writing to ask for help because I did a terrible mistake and vote here :

“What option will bots prefer?”

My address [0xb10bE5cBBF9655eD3648184Ade56d3B4d6cEdD4F].(ultrasoundclone.eth) I found out that the label " bot" was applied because I voted on a proposal without reading it carefully. I regret this decision and I apologize for any inconvenience it may have caused. I just discover it now … I’m devastated

I want to assure you that I am a real person and not a bot. I have been involved in the Web3 community since 2020 and I have spent over 6 ETH on gas. I also have a lot of reputation SBNFT on my account.(Degenscore Beacon for exemple , and many others ) I have make donation on Gitcoin many times, I create a proof of humanity account with this address, Bright ID, Gitcoin passport and many more.

Is practically my identity in web3 that I build for all those many years, and now is dead.

The Sybil (bot) label on me is cancel me as a human just because I was on the run and vote from mistake back than in 2021

I am asking for your help in finding a solution that can solve this.
Maybe another proposal to reverse it , cancel it , or any other option available that I maybe do not know.

I am a real person and I believe I deserve a second chance

Please ENS DAO I need your help !

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You contacted Snapshot support about this right? What exactly did they say? What solution did they provide?

They tell me that they can’t do anything about the vote that is already closed and governed by ENS Dao,

They direct me to Ens Dao , because they got the right to add another proposal to delete that vote or do something.

And when you say “sybil / bot label”, where is this? Where are you being labeled like that?

I discover today that for example i’m not eligible for celestia airdrop.
After that I try to see why ? And found out that Celestia take the criteria to Optimism airdrop 1 , and remember it that also i was not eligible and do not understand why then ,
After that I keep digging and found out this :

And realize I will be treated as a bot all my life just because I did a stupid mistake and vote w/o reading it twice … :frowning:

This is the first time I’ve heard of someone using that proposal at all, I thought it was just a testing thing when the snapshot space was first setup. Let alone using it to actually construct a denylist.

That old proposal is long-since closed, and to my knowledge those proposals and votes are immutable (even the signatures are stored on IPFS too I think). Plus even if we got @nick.eth or whoever to delete it, that would only delete it from the Snapshot website/UI, it would not change anything with regards to Optimism and how they chose to implement their own allow/denylists.

It sounds like you will need to reach out to the Optimism team and ask them to create an exception then. Maybe they can have you sign a message with your account or something like that.

Is not about the optimism airdrop and that i miss it , is about future project that labels me as a bot .
The Optimism take that snapshot vote into consideration because exist there and even I do not remember it vote it … but i’m there … and nothing can be done on that vote . but if we rase another proposal to revert it or i dont know … maybe @nick.eth have an brilliant idea for my stupid mistake that practically delete my history in crypto as a web3 human identity.

Maaan , i’m soo devastated for that vote …

Any news or updates ?
Please ?

I really need an answer here please …
Anyone from ENS DAO ? @nick.eth

I’m sorry, but there’s literally nothing we can do. Even if we deleted the snapshot, the damage is already done - it’s part of the dataset of these other tools.

Dear @nick.eth,

First can you please provide me the names of the tools that use this database ?
Second please see my below ways I see to help me solve this devastating problem for me :
1 - A new proposal vote, exactly like the one before that I vote by a horrible mistake, that will replace at the end the database already created, and used on tools that use the actual dataset.
I’m quite sure that there are lots of people that vote by mistake and they are not robots and they do not know they are there in the database … i know that was my mistake and I assume it all but I also must admit is a super tricky proposal that for some people looks like a trap for real people.
There are 1 milion ways in our days that you can create a certificate that prove you are a human.

  • Proof of humanity
  • BrightID
  • Proof of Personhood
    -Gitcoin Passport
    And many more…

2- We can vote on a new proposal, that the protocol who use this database, exclude the addresses that proves they are human

Is not because I vote it, but is definitely, a wrong way to create a database for bots in my opinion, And i’m the real example here.

Please help me , As I mention, my hole WEB3 identity, history and assets, that are with immeasurable value, that I can’t move or transport to other address depends on solving this in a way.

I’m begging you to help me , help the web3 to be a different place than real world where no one helps the community and thinks and care only for themself.

With Gratitude,
Core Memer of RTFKT, BANKLESS DAO, and many more.

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I understand your plight. I’m sorry you’re in this situation.

I’ll echo what you’re hearing from @nick.eth and @serenae. That dataset cannot be edited. Even if we created the exact same proposal it wouldn’t overwrite the existing data, nor would we have a way for the new data to be referenced instead of the old data.

Optimism made a choice to use that dataset from that proposal as part of their criteria. Access to the vote data is permissionless, so we have no control over who uses the data or what they use it for. We don’t have a list of people who use it because we simply aren’t aware of them.

Your suggestions to replace the data are creative, but in this case, they won’t actually achieve the result you’re aiming for.

It’s a tough problem to solve. You might want to look into why Optimism made the choice to use that dataset. Maybe it was recommended to them, or perhaps it’s documented somewhere as a good list. If so, those might be the places you should work with to see if you can prevent it from being recommended.

What I learn from childhood is that whatever is made by human hands can be changed/fixed/solved.
All you need is willing to do it.
The hardest think to do as a human is to treat others situation/problem, as they where yours.
Very few people in world are capable to this

My last resort is the following question :
Can you flag that proposal as a Incorrect dataset in order not be used in future ? or at least when someone use it is aware of incorrect date in it ?

As a definition of web3, it is flawed to perpetuate something erroneous, devoid of data validity.
This perpetuation of a fake dataset is an example of a crack in the ecosystem.
Beyond me and my vote, it is a vulnerable point for DAO as an entity.
I’m sure there are there brilliant minds that can solve this or stop it. All that is need is the willing to do it.

I say this words with great sadness, not angry, because I’ve dreamed that the DAO is the ultimate tool of society and now I found out that is not true.

My hope will remain alive until I will fix this with my bare hands because I was born this way.

Please a short answer will help

Can you flag that proposal as a Incorrect dataset in order not be used in future ? or at least when someone use it is aware of incorrect date in it ?

Snapshot proposals are immutable; there’s no way for us to edit them after the fact to add a note.

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After numerous reiterations that there will not be a removal or alteration of historical snapshot proposals, I recommend that this thread be archived. @moderators