Public Goods Group Budget - H1 2024


The Public Good Stewards have allocated a $470.5k budget for H1 2024. The current balance of the Public Goods multisig contains 161.2k USDC and 33.5 ETH. The working group is requesting an additional 171.3k USDC and 26.5 ETH from the DAO to accommodate this proposed budget.

Current Balances (January 2024)

USDC ETH Total ($)
161.2k 33.5 $238.3

Expected Spend (H1 2024)

Category USDC ETH Total
Large Grants 187.5k 0 $187.5k
Small Grants 0 60 $138k
Bounties 40k 0 $40k
Events + Hackathons 75k 0 $75k
Discretionary 30k 0 $30k
Total 332.5k 60 $470.5k

Spending Categories Explained

Large Grants

Grants up to 50k USDC with applications accepted on a rolling basis throughout the term. Large Grants will resume in Q2. With five grantees still completing milestones from last term, we plan to add at least two more two more grantees during the first half of this year. The working group will focus on strengthening impact measurements accomplished by the grantees during the previous Large Grants cycle.

Small Grants

Multiple micro-grants voted on by the community. Small Grants will resume towards the end of Q1. We have added the amount expected to spend in the next 5 months with the same amounts distributed on the last rounds.

Events and Hackathons

The working group will provide support to Public Goods events and hackathons. Funds have included expenses due to the ENS DAO participation in events or where our presence have been deemed mandatory (judging, panels, speaking).

The current earmarked events are*:

*This list is not set as several events are still in planning stages. The PG stewards will continuously assess opportunities for expanding the public goods conversation and collaborations.


The funds in this category are reserved for additional grant opportunities and expenses that arise during term. Spending in this category is at the discretion of the working group stewards.

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