Public Goods Small Grants - January 2023

Public Goods Small Grants - January 2023

The Public Goods Working Group is hosting a Public Goods small grants round this month.

:arrow_right: Submit now until January 25th at


The total grant pool is 5 ETH distributed equally among the tope five projects.

Public Goods Eligibility

Projects eligible for the Public Goods small grants rounds have a broader scope that benefit the entire Ethereum or Web3 space.

Applicable projects generally are not primarily ENS-specific, but may include ENS functionality.

A discussion about Public Goods vs Ecosystem projects has previously been discussed, here.


:white_check_mark: EthersJS library. This can be use by all developers building on Ethereum, connecting front-ends to blockchain data and proliferating Ethereum functionality on all websites. This library is free or open source.

:x: An ENS Marketplace. Although important for ENS, this has a much more limited scope in the context of Ethereum, and would be better suited for an ENS Ecosystem grant. This may or may not be open source or free.

Submission Removals

Projects that do not meet eligibility criteria will be removed at the discretion of the working group stewards before voting.


  • Submissions Start: January 18th @ 3pm ET
  • Submission End: January 25th @ 9am ET
  • Voting Begins: - January 25th @ 3pm ET
  • Voting Ends: February 1st @ 9am ET

Round Conclusion

The results for the January 2023 ENS Small Grants rounds :point_down:


Public Goods Round #5 - January 2023

Grant Name # Votes 534.5k ENS
GasHawk: Save on TX Fees 420.4k ENS
Pairwise: Tinder UX for web3 community 324.9k ENS
Inverter Network 134.9K ENS
Free DeFi Course 23k ENS
:arrow_right: Link to Results

Voting is Active

Go vote on the Public Goods Small Grants round!
:point_right: ENS Small Grants

A Note on Submission Review

There were 33 submissions this month. After review, only eight were found to be eligible.

The two causes for exclusion were:
1) The submission was determined to belong to another grants category (x15)
2) The submission was not a public good (x10)

The submissions that were determined to belong to another grants category will be contacted over the next week and encouraged to submit to next month’s Ecosystem round. This month is unique because there is no Ecosystem round. Usually, these projects would have been relocated and still have seen a chance for funding.

The projects that were not Public Good will also be contacted in the next week. Hopefully, we can provide information to better guide them towards Public Goods small grants.

The eligibility criteria was outlined in the announcement post above.

Improving Clarity on Submission Criteria.

A general assessment is that:

  • We can define what eligible projects are more clearly
  • We can create a better awareness among those with applicable projects
  • The review process should happen before submissions are posted, which allows feedback/corrections over a longer time frame.

The recent public goods call was a great brainstorming session on these three points, and they will be explored this term. Please DM @Coltron.eth or any PG steward with questions.