Public Goods. Translation of ENS into Russian

Hey y’all!

My name is Daniel. I’m Ukrainian, born and lived all my life in Russia. Thanks to the efforts of one kind person, I was able to protect myself and my loved ones from the drugged and aggressive part of Russian society by leaving for Georgia. Unfortunately, I’m not talking about a state in the US, but about a country in the post-Soviet space. Just kidding, it’s actually an adorable place with splendid people. I’m indebted to fate for being here.

Let’s get to the point. I found that the ENS app and website are not well translated into Russian. There were various errors:

  1. Machine translation was noticeable.
  2. There was no stylistic integrity in the text.
  3. A significant part has not been translated.
  4. There were a lot of grammatical, spelling, punctuation and stylistic errors.

I corrected them and offered my translation, which was accepted. Here you can see the result and the format in which I submit the work:

Realizing that the contributing community may not include Russian speakers, I have left notes where I see fit. I hope I have done at least the minimum so that the reader understands the logic of the Russian language.

However, I have found that not all aspects of ENS have the ability to add translation suggestions. I find it incredibly important to translate the documentation section as well.

But the Russian-speaking market is small.

Not at all. Russian is spoken by 157 million people. And not only among the former Soviet countries. I have over a dozen friends from Israel who only know Hebrew and Russian and don’t speak English. After the end of the war, the Ukrainian language will become the main language in the post-Soviet region, I am sure, but this will not happen immediately. I hope by then I will learn it and be able to translate your resources into Ukrainian as well :wink:

The Russian-speaking market is insolvent and non-target for us. You actually have a brobdingnagian political crisis.

Yes, this statement is currently correct. But what is important for crises is that after them the economy grows rapidly. This is not necessary to go too far into history. Take Russia, which is now playing the role of Nazi Germany (sorry if you took this as a harsh statement). After the lost war, in order to prevent such mistakes of mass thinking, a lot of foreign investment was poured into the country. Anger came out of the people, and the economy of post-Nazi Germany became one of the fastest growing in the second half of the 20th century. When the main villain dies, and the militant part of the Russians wakes up with the thought “Hans, are we the baddies?”, I’m sure this will start a similar process. I will not compare Ukraine with the Soviet Union, I myself, as an ethnic Ukrainian, do not approve of such a comparison. But Ukraine is now the standard of a real country in the world. The most popular and attractive country. Investors will line up to fund in the reconstruction and development of Ukraine. And so, over the course of a few years, you will get a very large number of people interested in acquiring an ENS name.

But they can use machine translation. Some of them, after all, know English.

This is not about understanding I’m talking about. It’s about marketing. When you see a resource translated into your language, you have an associative thought that this means that the product is popular among your compatriots. Speaking of personal experience, I started mining and investing in Ethereum precisely because the website was in Russian. And this despite the fact that I speak English at a much higher level than the average other Russian citizens. And, yes, machine translation still sucks, despite the breakthrough in the last few years.

And how will document translation help marketing?

I know very well that part of Russian people who are able to get carried away with something like cryptocurrencies. They are very meticulous. Putin’s Russia is a country built on deceit. Deception has penetrated every level of human communication. And responsible people have adapted to survive in such conditions. And so they carefully study all documentation, user agreements and contracts before spending money on anything. And besides, I offer translation services in general, and not just the documentation section. If there are other tasks, I will gladly complete them.

Do you have a team?

Yes, my mother helps me. She is a Russian teacher, and she helped me paraphrase some of the sentences in the translations that I have attached above. For such an array of work, I don’t need a bigger team.

Speaking of funding, I will continue to talk about myself. Now I have money to stay afloat in a foreign country. I moved here all those people who were under a huge threat: my parents – they are Ukrainians; one of my best friends - he is a former military man; his nephew - he is a conscript.
But I still have many loved ones who are under the relative threat of reprisals and conscription. Many of them have no money, and I would really like to evacuate them from Russia too. In general, I would like to create a crypto fund that helps dissidents and Ukrainians leave Russia, but I don’t have the resources and knowledge for this yet (if you have any ideas, DM me).
I don’t think the war will end in the next 6 months. But every day the discontent of Putin, the secret services and the military is growing, as he suffers failure after failure. Knowing Russian history, one can understand what always follows - executions, imprisonment, humiliation and torture. And that’s what I want to protect my friends from.

Georgia is the golden mean between security, freedom and cheapness. From here they are not extradited to Russia, here you can openly express your position and live inexpensively. There is a very small chance that Putin will attack Georgia again (he did it in 2008), but he simply does not have such resources now. It cost us $700 per person to move and settle here. This amount is enough to fly and live here for a month until a person finds a job. I have a prioritized list of people I would like to keep. But, of course, it will expand along the way. Therefore, I cannot say how much money I generally need. I will move as many people as I can.

But I didn’t come here to ask for charity. Specifically, for the amount of work proposed above, I would like to receive as much money as is enough to evacuate three people, which is equivalent to $ 2,100. Further, I am ready to accept any such tasks in order to continue my mission.

I want to thank you for reading this body of information.
Peace to all!


@danch.quixote has already contributed improved Russian translations for both the app and the website, and I think we should do what we can to encourage reliable DAO team members who stick around and deliver up to date translations into their native language - such as @liubenben has for Chinese.

Tagging the @Ecosystem_Stewards - what are your plans for compensating translators? It would be good to have something systematic to reward people like Danch when they help make the app and the site better for non-English-speaking users.


This is the type of improvement the DAO should fund. Set a long term goal to support every language on the planet. Set bounties for the work and maintenance. Set the bounty by the population size of speakers.


@danch.quixote thank you for the work so far.

The ecosystem is happy to retroactively fund you with 700 USDC for the work already performed. Let me know where you’d like the money sent.

Additionally, between @Community_Stewards & @Ecosystem_Stewards we are happy to fund 1,000 USDC for translation of help docs. If this works for you we can start a conversation.


Hey, Slobo!
I am very glad that you decided to help me with my mission. USDC can be sent to this address, if we are talking about the ERC-20 network:

Of course, I will be happy with such an award for translating technical documents and I am ready to start working from tomorrow (I live in the gmt + 4 zone). It is necessary to discuss in what form you want to accept such work.


The transaction has been initiated. As soon as two other ecosystem stewards to approve the funds will be sent to 0xA4c856f0F1Bff3c3F48d72f08a51823465233Db8.

For the follow up work, I’d appreciate if one of the @Community_Stewards or their appointees take it from here for learn docs.


Thanks, I’ll be waiting!
I asked the community stewards to explain how they would like to accept the work.

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I translated the “Introduction” page by editing the HTML code. I have created a folder on google drive where you can view the translation in pdf and download the code. I’m attaching the link to the google drive below.

I am waiting for confirmation from @Community_Stewards and @Ecosystem_Stewards to continue the work. If this format is preferred, I will make a translation for each page and upload it to the same folder.


Payment for initial work has been sent. Thanks again.


Hey @danch.quixote this is awesome. Me @bobjiang and @Coltron.eth were actually looking to translate the Learn Docs into Spanish and Chinese. We are looking for best tech work flow. Could you jump on a call tomorrow at 12PM EST to chat more on this?


Got it.
Eternally grateful to you guys!

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Great suggestion, I’ll be glad to join your discussion. Do you mean Friday?
If so, then unfortunately I won’t be able to join. My family had a disagreement with the landlord and I will spend the whole day moving.
I can chat with you any time on Saturday or Sunday if it’s convenient for you guys.


I’m sorry, I thought that technical & governance documentation and Learn Docs are the same thing. Marcus @estmcmxci helped me figure it out. You can see the translation of the Learn Docs pages in markdown format on this google drive: RU: ENS-learndocs - Google Drive

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Hey, guys!

I made a translation of Learn Docs, you can see it above.

@Coltron.eth is now working to ensure that the translators can upload translations to the repo in the project on a single platform. After building a system for working on translations, I will be able to include my translation in this system.

But I need that reward, which @slobo.eth and I negotiated in the coming days to help a couple of my buddies move in Armenia (it’s cheaper to move there and they don’t think it’s unsafe).

Can I ask @Ecosystem_Stewards to pay this reward before the translation implementation process is fully completed, as it were, in advance?

This is in the hands of @Community_Stewards. All communication regarding this has been in this thread from my perspective.

I’d support disbursing these funds if they were promised, and @estmcmxci supports it.

@danch.quixote All of your work will need to be copy and pasted into Crowdin by a Russian speaker to be 100% complete.

I’m hoping translations can begin via Crowdin as early as next week, pending no difficulties arise as the Learn Docs redesign is buttoned up.

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I undertake, among other things, to accompany this work to the end, if anything needs to be corrected or added.

I will wait for the start of work in crowdin and will be available on this forum for any requests.


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So, the community stewards agreed. Can I get a bounty today or tomorrow?

Hi Danch,

Fund distribution usually occurs during the last Friday of each month. They are disbursed from the Community Working Group multi-sig. However, there is a proposal up for vote on snapshot which, if passed, would see the dissolution of the Community WG and its multi-sig. In that case, funds will need to be requested from the new working group the subgroup sits under, which in this case will be the Ecosystem WG.

The Docs Subgroup will request funds for Translation Initiatives to be included in the budget for the Ecosystem WG in the next funding window (July). However, I understand that your case may require special attention and your work ethic merits consideration. I do not have admin access to the multi-sig, but I am hoping one of the current Community Stewards (@Coltron.eth, @Limes, @spencecoin) can facilitate a transaction for you.

The translation will need to be copy pasted into the Crowdin to be considered complete. We discussed that the rate would be 80 cents per word denominated in USDC on a call we had prior. Unless there are any objections from current Stewards, I’d like to honor that and standardize it for all translation work done DAOwide.

Could you perform a word count and provide the total number of words translated in the Learn Docs? I would like to suggest to the Community Stewards to transfer 50% of that amount to your 0x address. The other 50% can be transacted once the work has been completed on Crowdin, proofread and edited for interpretation.

The importance of this translation work cannot be understated both culturally and socially, especially in this global climate. Choosing to translate the Learn Docs into the Ukrainian interpretation of Russian will have great second and third order effects, so we must all take great care with this work.

Have you yet acquired your ENS? You can connect your 0x and link it to your .eth to make the transaction as well. Thank you.


Hi Marcus!

Learn Docs repo consists of 6931 words. All of them are translated into Russian. According to this formula, the bounty for such a translation will be 5500 USDC. But since we had some kind of agreement, so I’ll be fine with the initially agreed reward specifically for this work.

I forgot to mention that in addition to uploading to Сrowdin, I will also translate screenshots into Russian, which should not take me much time, and which I am ready to do for free.

I will be infinitely grateful if it is possible to speed up the translation process, since the issue is now indeed of critical urgency.

At the moment, I did not have the funds to take the desired ENS name. My correspondent address is listed above and in the profile description.