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This thread is for requesting new subgroups in the Public Goods Working Group category.

What are Subgroups?

Subgroups are how ENS community members become involved in the DAO as contributors.

A subgroup might have a particular function, be focused on a specific initiative, or simply be a topic of interest. Subgroups are how ENS community members become involved in the DAO as contributors.

Subgroup Lead Coordinator

When submitting a request, for a subgroup identify who you would like to be the point of contact for the subgroup.

Submit a Request

Reply to this thread with the following information in your subgroup request. Please tag the lead coordinator in your reply.

Subgroup Name:
Subgroup Lead Coordinator:
Purpose of Subgroup:
Potential Contributors (# or names):
Additional Comments:


For questions about the creation of sub-groups in the Public Goods working group category, contact the Q1/Q2 lead coordinator @AvsA, @ceresstation, or @sumdesh.

This thread is for requesting new subgroups in the Public Goods Working Group category .

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Subgroup Name : Mirror DAO Subgroup (also posted in Community WG)
Subgroup Lead Coordinator : @premm.eth
Purpose of Subgroup: ENS is a member of the DAO. As members we have our own blog,, and we can participate in Mirror DAO activities. Mirror is also a member of the ENS community, with every member receiving a subdomain of which is registered with ENS Mainnet Migration — Mirror. There are many ways that Mirror and ENS can work together, with the first being ENS using our blog effectively, including community involvement. This subgroup would be responsible for creating a regular post which could be written by members of the ENS community, members of the subgroup, or guest contributors. Mirror also has other features including the ability to drop NFTs, with advanced tools for doing real time splits. It would be possible to provide grants to artist and creatives who for instance use .ETH as their twitter name, to do official NFT drops on the ENS mirror blog. It would be possible to use the splits feature on mirror to make the grants program regenerative, paying back ENS for the grant and at the same time rewarding guest artists with additional funds for successful launches. It would also be possible to incorporate public goods funding at the same time.
Potential Contributors (# or names): @xsculpt and anyone else?
Additional Comments: The ENS Mirror blog can be used more effectively to highlight the many use cases of ENS including subdomains, login with Ethereum, decentralized websites, and of course profiles. It can also help to highlight the diversity of the community and humanize the ENS community by highlighting stories of ENS community members.

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Subgroup Name : .eth Websites Subgroup ( also posted in ENS Ecosystem WG)
Subgroup Lead Coordinator: @neiman and @Elle97
Purpose of Subgroup: We propose a subgroup to be the point of contact for the .eth websites community. This group will focus on solving the main challenges of .eth websites (see more below).
.eth websites are decentralized websites based on ENS in combination with other technologies such as IPFS, IPNS, or Skynet. You can read about it in the article “Introduction to decentralized websites”
.eth websites are a use-case of ENS, that grows rapidly. There are already over 2K websites indexed by Recently even Vitalik Buterin started to spread his publication with a .eth website,

This subgroup will aid .eth websites owners to be part of ENS DAO and will represent the point of view of .eth websites in the DAO governance. Specifically, we will focus on the following challenges for .eth websites:

  • Discoverability: how do users discover .eth websites? for example with our .eth website search engine,
  • Accessibility: tools for accessing .eth websites, such as gateway, browsers extensions, or native integration in browsers.
  • Community: grow the .eth websites community with activities such as making standards or a decentralized website of the week award we organize.
  • Exposure: promote and bring awareness to .eth websites in the web3 community.
  • Tooling: promote the creation of tools for building .eth websites. We already started doing this recently in our community with dWeb services.
  • Innovation: promote innovative use-cases of .eth websites in order to unlock the potential of the field.

What is Esteroids (=Ethereum Asteroids)? Esteroids is a project for .eth websites. We maintain a .eth Search engine for .eth websites, a .eth website bot, and recently launched community services for .eth website.
The .eth website community is active in our Discord server, where people create experiments, publish tutorials or establish collaborations. Additionally, we also organize a “decentralized website of the week award award” for .eth websites, to bring attention to the field. This proposal is made with communication with other major entities in the .eth websites ecosphere, such as gateway.
Potential Contributors (# or names): @tomlightning
Additional Comments: Our vision is of a democratic web of .eth websites, based on ENS technology. We believe that people should be members of the web and not only users. In our vision, the .eth web itself and its major platforms are managed like a DAO, by the .eth Web users.