Public Goods WG - Stewards Meeting Minutes 1/24

Date: Monday, 24 Jan 2022 at 7:00PM GMT / 2:00PM ET
PGWG Lead Coordinator: Alex (avsa.eth)


  1. WG Goals
  2. Steward Compensation
  3. Budget
  4. Timeline


  • Alex (avsa.eth)
  • Scott (ceresstation.eth)
  • Sumedha (sumedha.eth)
  • Makoto (matoken.eth)
  • Alisha (alisha.eth)

Our Goals

Explore how ENS DAO defines a Public Good for the purpose of funding Public Goods within the ENS ecosystem and more broadly in web3.

Establish an express grants program/process for PG funding

Define process for different tiers of PG grants with the ENS DAO and funding mechanisms.

PG WG Term 1 Priority

Defining a Public Good

  1. What is an ENS Public Good?
  2. What is a broad Public Good in web3?
  3. What is not a Public Good?


  • Agree on $1k/month for community steward compensation
  • Budget for PGWG
    • Confirm a max budget of PGWG which includes budget for express/small grants under a certain $ amount.
    • How will grants be funded? with stablecoins, ETH, or $ENS?
    • Include request for $ENS to reward community participation in PG WG.
  • (Loose) moratorium on grants in Term 1 to allow the PGWG to:
    • Establish a working definition of a PG
    • Set up a grants process
    • Facilitate and amplify discussion around PG
    • Allow the DAO to focus on the Ecosystem and Community WGs in the first term. Per Article III of the Constitution, funds should first be used for the development and improvement of the ENS ecosystem.
    • Move cautiously and conservatively incase of a bear market


  • Post request for subgroups in the forum (Sumedha)
  • Start budget conversation in the forum early Feb
  • Budget request proposal posted to Snapshot by Feb 14
  • Onchain budget request proposal posted to Tally on Feb 21

General Queries

  • Can the ENS Foundation invest in projects or do token swaps?

Thanks for sharing this @sumdesh! I totally was planning on messaging you this weekend about this and to learn about areas where you and the PG WG Stewards needed help. Iā€™m still learn the language and methods of DAOs and Public Goods, and am happy contribute my time and non-tech perspective.