Purchasing ENS on Opensea (how to edit)


I’ve purchased a few domains on OpenSea and I am unsure WHAT or HOW to change the settings so that there is nothing from the previous owner attached to the domain, and so that everything points to me.

Can someone help?


One thing to do is to go to app.ens.domains input the domain name and confirm that you are listed as the Registrant and Controller. You can delete any records for the domain there. Your wallet should be listed as the Registrant. Set the Controller to your wallet, then delete any other records you want.


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As @berrios.eth mentioned, the first thing you’ll want to do is update the Controller address. You can do that by heading over to the ENS App at https://app.ens.domains

Connect your wallet, and under My Account you should see your name. Click on it to see the details. Then you will see a transfer button next to the Controller. Most likely the Controller is still set to the seller’s wallet. The ETH Address you see in those records is also probably the old wallet as well. These don’t update automatically when a name is transferred/sold to another wallet.

The order matters, so update the Controller first. Only the Controller wallet can set records such as the ETH Address, BTC address, avatar records, etc.

If you’re stuck you can reach out through the ENS Discord and create a support ticket. http://chat.ens.domains/

You can also DM the ENS Support Twitter account: @ensdomains


Yeah, I just do everything automatically, so I had to edit.


OMG guys, thank you so much.

This has been very helpful.

So I copied my metamask address and replaced it so that the following records show MY address:

  1. registrant
  2. controler
  3. ETH address

However, there is another field called: RESOLVER that still shows a different address.

Do I also want to replace resolver to my metamask?

and what is resolver?

The Resolver is the public ENS resolver. It’s used to look up your records. Developers may sometimes use their own resolver for some specific functions, but 99% of users will want to keep the Resolver as is.

The ENS Public resolver is: 0x4976fb03C32e5B8cfe2b6cCB31c09Ba78EBaBa41

The Resolver is set to this default when the names are created.


Got it.

For the section called TEXT RECORD that provides space for an email, social links, descriptions etc…

is that the place to link up all my company’s details associated with this specific eth name?

You can decide what information you want to put there. But yes.

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Thanks Berrios. Just followed you on Twitter.

For social usernames, you won’t need the “@” symbol.
Also, you can look up the records for any .eth name, and see how they have them set up.

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