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Not sure if this is the correct place to add a question. I apologize in advance if it isn’t. I am interested in reading the proposal and community discussion regarding the Coinbase subdomain and the .id TLD ( I can’t find the proposal and was wondering if it is because I don’t have permission to view certain things. Any help would be appreciated. I just wanted to see the discussion and see how voting turned out etc.

What kind of discussion/voting are you expecting to read? .id is a DNS imported ENS name like .xyz that is permissionless under our protocol so anyone can do it. Anyone who owns ENS also can issue subdomains without permission. If you want to know the detail of how to implement solution like subdomains, you can read our doc.

I just thought someone may have created a thread about it and/or a thread about Coinbase deciding on using ENS. Threads are often great places to learn about different perspectives and see new/alternate thought processes on a subject. Pretty good places to learn and hear from people in general, I guess I just hoped to see something, learn and hear different thoughts since this is the spot for ENS discussions. Thank you for sharing the link and answering my question (it wasn’t a permission’s limitation) I appreciate it a lot. Best…