Questions about modifying the vote target

I sent a private message to Brantly about voting a few days ago
Many Chinese users use voting rights by default after using a piece of received application. The user is not aware of it. There may be problems with reading in Chinese and English or other objective factors.
Here I am not pointing out that a certain organization is not doing badly. I love every member of ENS DAO!
Because our community also has users who use the software to receive airdrops. After receiving the airdrops, they did not know that the voting rights have been used. In the past two days, a lot of users appeared to vote for us and found that they did not have the voting rights. So we started to link to modify delegated voting. However, after fixing some user votes, we found that our voting data did not increase or decrease, I don’t know there was a problem with the interface of or the interface of the voting mechanism.


Timeout votes are not accepted, right?