Questions about registration of Domain in ENS

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I hope I’m right here. I don’t know who to ask my questions to…
I need your help please with the registration of new domain. I already have a DNS adress and I would like to register it in ENS. It is not an eth.adress, but a .biz adress. And this adress is registered with an another DNS provider. I already read the FAQ on your website but there is still the question about: What will happen with my .biz DNS after it is transferred to ENS? Will there exist 2 adresses? Or will my DNS adress completely be transferred to your ENS?And how can I use the DNS after the registration/ transfer to you? And what fees do I need to pay for the transfer?

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Hi @NoyraSana welcome to the community!

The way to think of DNS names with ENS is that it’s not a “transfer” of the DNS to ENS. ENS doesn’t become the registrar or anything of your .biz name. More accurately, it’s an import of the DNS name into the ENS protocol so that your .biz name can be used within web3/blockchain. In other words, DNS names are forward compatible with ENS.

Your DNS name will continue to exist in web2. In otherwords, whatever records you setup with the DNS Registrar (GoDaddy, NameCheap, etc) will still functionally work in the DNS/web2 world.

No, the DNS isn’t transferred to ENS. It is imported into ENS to gain blockchain/web3 functionality. For example, once is imported into ENS, your .biz name can receive crypto in the same way sending to yourwebsite.eth resolves to your Ethereum wallet address.

There are no registration fees to use a DNS name imported into ENS. There are also no expiration dates. It does cost a fair bit of gas to do the import currently, but that’s just gas to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. In the near future DNS import will not cost gas to do using CCIP-read and wildcard resolution.

The support team can help guide you with the DNS import. You’ll need to make sure your DNS Registrar supports DNSSEC.

If you do need help, feel free to dm the ENS Twitter account:
Or, visit the #create-a-ticket channel in the ENS Discord:

Hope that helps!