Reclaiming Expired Name Funds Not Working


It appears that reclaiming expired name funds no longer works. If you’re in the Registrant account, you can see all the names you renewed but not the names you did not renew. If you’re in the Controller account, you can see all your names – both renewed and not renewed. But, there’s no way to Return names you did not renew (to reclaim your original deposit). Instead, it says: “This name was automatically migrated to the new Registrar. To get the deposited eth back, please connect via the registrant account and click the ‘return’ button.”

But, of course, if you go to the Registrant account, non-renewed names will not appear. Any solution to this? I was hoping to Return non-renewed names when gas prices decrease (or, possibly, when Eth 2.0 staking reduces fees). Thanks in advance for the help.

You’re right that we need to add a way to see a list of names you have deposits on to the listing page. If you go to the page for a name you own a deposit on, with the account that owns the deposit, do you still see the button to recover your deposit?

Thanks for the reply. The return button is there (for non-renewed names) but it’s grayed out and displays the message I relayed in the earlier message. Example:

Hi, this should be fixed by now. Please try again.

Thanks for the help, guys. This is great. Works just fine. Much obliged.

Any chance you can add something similar to bulk renewals – one click and all of the funds allocated to expired names for your account are returned? I can’t fathom why anyone would want to leave funds allocated to expired names in the ENS contract. Having to do these one by one works, but would it be hard to add bulk reclaim? I’d even be willing to throw some Eth at development efforts if that could be accomplished. Let me know.

Regardless, I appreciate the help, and I appreciate the whole team’s efforts. Great job with the App!!

Unfortunately the deposit can only be returned by the owner account so we cannot create a proxy contract to batch them up (that’s how we did for bulk renewal as renewal can be done by anyone).

We created a separate site for this.

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I’m having trouble getting back an old deposit using
I made the deposits from a ledger address and now that wallet is linked to metamask.
I connect to the site and the unclaimed deposit search autofills with my wallet address and correctly shows two domains I paid for at the original auction and the values.

I click “CLAIM” and metamask prompts me to reject or confirm the transaction.

But immediately after clicking “Confirm” the transaction fails and I get this notification
Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 11.56.50 PM

Any ideas what I am doing wrong or how to get it to go through properly?