Reduce fees to zero for one year to incentivize greater adoption

you have enough funds in the treasury to operate at least what, 10-20 years or more if you never received another dime?

you dont need to keep hoarding your gold like a dragon, you can actually give back to your community every now and then.

how about giving us a 1 year promotion where all register/renew fees are reduced to 0 for that year? how about committing to this kind of promotion at least once every 5-10 years?

I sincerely do not believe that would be at all effective.

In your opinion; what would you recommend the minimum value in USD of total assets under control of the ENS Treasury should be ?

Do you happen to utilize MetaMask or Coinbase? Perhaps maybe even use USDT or USDC as a means to exchange a value between multiple accounts?


Changing the registration fee to zero would have detrimental impact on the progress to grow the Ethereum Name Service Protocol.

This would facilitate a surge of speculation within the ENS End-User Community. Speculation on this level would produce even more sentiment and demand for mass-adoption. There would be no incentive to really have a good domain name any longer. Names, especially domains hold value intrinsically. This is derived from demand for the word to be used as a domain. The more demand, the flexibility of the domain to represent a service or brand in breadth, advertise-ability, readability, character length along with many other attributes create a sentiment that postures intrinsic value itself.

An increase in speculation would not be viable for the secondary market, which is a highly functional marketing fulcrum for ENS as a quid proquo It must be noted that ENS proper does not have influence on the secondary market where names can be bought and sold. That itself is an interesting relationship between product marketing, end-users, speculators. fees and the intrinsic value of the ecosystem that you won’t find in many markets.

Offering a free registration period for Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain names presents several potential risks and challenges. Domain name squatting will also increase, as individuals register names with the intent to sell them at a profit or disrupt the use of legitimate names that may be available.

This takes away opportunity for said entities and can potentially or has a high probability of damaging the reputation of the ENS ecosystem. Bad actors will take advantage of the zero registration fee change. These names will not be built on and may deter any new platforms from adopting ENS if secondary market ENS traders decide to ask a high price for them. We don’t want to see this.

This past year generated ~$22M USD which is roughly 20% of the treasury. If you were to remove that from the income and then subtract expenses, then things start to look short really fast. Then you don’t know what to expect from registrations for the upcoming quarters or year. ENS does not have a guaranteed income.

Personally I don’t support this idea, however I can hear your frustrations and very logical honest opinion on the matter.

However I have often thought of many different ways in which to reward current users who have met certain criteria.

One example could be to take regular snap shots of users across differing sectors so in order to target and measure the significance of such a system over time. The most logical idea would be to give discounts or similar to those who have set their reverse records and created subdomains etc…

ENS has so much potential and it’s my hope that we don’t waste opportunities to grow and at least experiment different methods. The one key factor being learning the utilise the liquidity that is so tightly held behind the Dam walls.

Stagnated water is no good for anybody :man_scientist:t2::euro::bank::biohazard:

I just don’t understand the logic behind demanding so many benefits per registration without contributing to project.

I mean, the benefit is literally built-in. I don’t see why a reward/benefit/airdrop or whatever term people come up with just because of someone simply registering a name or what not.

It’s not a gas rewards program.

Thank you for your feed back

This “zero registration fee” concept may offer a unique approach to enhance our innovative community. Exploring their viewpoint could blend practicality with progress in our community.

Even though I understand and respect the apprehensions regarding the risks of a zero-registration fee promotion for ENS, I see a chance to use this proposal strategically to boost growth and reinforce the value of the ENS ecosystem.

Let’s look at a real-life example: the development of digital platforms. Many successful platforms in the web2 era initially provided free services to attract users and create network effects. As the user base expanded and the platform matured, monetization strategies were implemented without compromising quality or integrity.

Likewise, by temporarily removing registration fees for ENS domain names, we can accelerate widespread adoption and demonstrate the usefulness of decentralized naming systems. However, to address the valid concerns, we need to carefully plan this promotion with measures to mitigate risks.

To start, we can set criteria for eligibility during the free registration period, giving priority to users who actively contribute to the ENS ecosystem or show genuine interest in developing meaningful projects. This ensures that the promotion benefits engaged individuals invested in the long-term success of ENS.

Additionally, we could supplement the promotion with educational programs and community outreach efforts to raise awareness about the value of ENS and inform users about proper domain ownership practices. By educating users, we reduce the risk of domain squatting and speculative activities.

Lastly, we can use this opportunity to collect valuable data and insights on user behavior and preferences within the ENS ecosystem. Analyzing registration and usage patterns during the promotion will guide future decision-making and improve sustainability strategies.

While acknowledging valid concerns, we should seize this chance to explore innovative tactics that balance short-term gains with long-term viability. By strategically implementing the promotion and pairing it with educational initiatives, we can amplify its impact while protecting the integrity of the ENS ecosystem.