Reduce the registration fee and renewal fee of ENS

In order to enable more people to use ENS as Web3 0, making ENS the target of NFT’s largest IP address! I think it is necessary to add another fire under the premise of the current popularity of ENS domain names!

That is to reduce the registration fee and renewal price, so as to have a lower threshold and a higher market retention rate. Cover a wider range of people, so that everyone can use ens, so that ENS can smoothly enter daily life and work.

So,i have a Suggestion: for the already popular ENS domain name market, add a fire, reduce the registration fee and renewal fee, boost the market and detonate ENS as the first IP of NFT. NFT still needs to rely on ENS as Web3 0 to successfully.


I really support to reduce the fees of ens ,

the gas fees on the eth has already been too high and that’s expensive for the new users

if the ens can reduce fees a little and i think it will appeal more people to register their own ens

I think 3 character and 4 character can be reduced to $100 and $50 due to this status of the market.


Ens also can be develop a evm-based chain which can be reduce lots of gas cost.

Support to reduce the fees of ens.

I support ! period

Support. The domain name usage fee of web3 should be lower than that of web2, not more expensive, otherwise there is no reason for everyone to support ENS. More decentralized, but more expensive? The core of ENS should be to improve everyone’s awareness of ENS and promote more people to adopt ENS domain names. From an economic point of view, the income of ENS DAO can also grow faster.

I don’t think we need to reduce fees. The whole point of the fees is to combat “name parking”. If they are too cheap, it defeats the purpose.

It’s $5 to register a 5+ character name guys, and gas is super cheap today. I registered like 3 names today and paid maybe $10 in gas.


$5 per year is a fair price, if anything it is too low.

I do not support lowering this fee.

These fees ensure the long-term viability of ENS.


+1. It is borderline ridiculous to argue that 5$/year is high

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I’m pretty certain gas prices are being conflated with registration fees. Gas fees are (in my opinion) the most detrimental factor holding back mass adoption of Ethereum as a truly global computing infrastructure. There is nothing we can do about gas prices, unfortunately.

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I think at some point the DAO may need to consider lowering the fees for certain characters (i.e. foreign languages where single characters constitute entire words).

The good news about the cost/adoption analysis is subdomains should begin to fill those gaps.

For example, Coinbase integrating Coinbase.eth subdomains can be a inflection point in mass adoption (I’m not sure what the anticipated cost will be for a Coinbase.eth subdomain, but presumably it will be very cost effective, if not free). Similarly, where a 3L/3N domain might be out of reach financially for many worldwide, subdomains can offer endless possibilities of high quality names at cost effective pricing, if not free where it makes sense to the domain owner to onboard users to their platform.


I believe the fees are a fair market price.

Me being very active in the ENS market discord, I can contest that there is not a general consensus of complaint against registration costs.

Also reducing registration fees means will will reduce DAO revenue. I am strongly against this.

Yes gas fees at times can be high but there are most certainly periods of time when gas fees are not through the roof. If you can’t adjust to gas fees and be flexible at certain times then I suggest users reevaluate certain onchain activities. Registration of ENS names have more flexibility in when you register them comparing to —let’s say moving six figures somewhere in the DeFi world.