Refund of unrevealed bids

Hi there,

I’ve made several bids on a few domains but was unfortunately unable to reveal them after 72 hours [within the 48 hour timeframe] due to a broken device.

Is there a way to get these unrevealed funds deposited back?

Appreciate any support around this!


Hi, according to you lose 95% of the bid if you don’t reveal (I think it was some sort of ways to prevent gaming but I don’t remember. Probably @arachnid can fill the gap).

You can probably take back the 5% at though no one has tried recovering from not revealed bid so not 100% sure. Let me know if you find any issues so I can look into it.

Are you talking about the original auctions back in 2017?

Yes exactly, it was may or June 2017 that this happened.

I’m now trying to reclaim the deposited amounts and if I’m able to reclaim this “unrevealed” amount I would be very grateful.


Just wondering if that matters, if it was the 2017 auction or a more recent auction? :slight_smile:


As Makoto says, 95% of unrevealed bids was burned. If there’s any for you to claim, it will show up at

Alright, that is all clear. Thanks for that!

While requesting the refund I noticed that for some I had an actual address while for others it seemed more of a txns code.

Do you by any chance know what the txns code refers to? We’re those the ones that were potentially unrevealed?

Thanks again for all your support on this!

Did it look something like 0xe05... has 0.01 ETH deposit? If so, it’s called labelhash which is the original format stored in blockchain. We try to decode most of the names but these are the ones we could not decode so we won’t be able to know which one it is.