Registered ENS not showing as 'registered'

Hello, I recenly purchased my first ens, i did so through ‘MyEtherWallet’, the transaction was successful and shows as successful in ‘etherscan’.

When i check the registered ens it is showing that the it is still available, and when i look at the manage ens page within ‘myehterwallet’ it shows none.

I am a little confused how the ens system registers me as the owner or that it confirmed the transaction yet didn’t set it as owned.

It’s a bit difficult to comment on registration done by third party site but did you send two transactions? If yes and the name is under your ownership under, then you do own it.

in the ENS manager within myetherwallet i select the domain and selected 1 year, and then executed the transaction. it lookedl ike only 1 transaction though. Strangely it looks like the eth amount was 0 but the transaction fee existed correctly.

You can reach me on our discord so that I can look into more detail