Registered two ens successfully, but cannot opensea delisted my item, could not see

Dear all,

I have registered two ens (69vibing and 69collection) in two tab , process parallel, as I opened two tab of metamask, I decided to accept step 3 on 69vibing first , after that I successfully registed 69collection too, in this moment I am sure that website already display that I successfully registered two ens, after that I found there is still one more transaction related to 69vibing step 3, so that I press declined.

And now I can see 69vibing on opensea but it is already delisted, cannot find 69collection now.
but in x2y2, I can find my 69collection , but 69vibing is gone

In ens, it shows that both ens of the REGISTRANT and CONTROLLER is pointed to my wallet.

What should I do to solve my ens could not display on different platform?

fyi: ENS App

Thank you all

OpenSea seems to be experiencing some difficulties right now, and delisting names randomly. We’re looking into it and hope that it will be resolved soon.

In the meantime you can open a support ticket with OpenSea here

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