Registering ENS Domains Manually

I was wondering if its possible to send the first transactions required to register a new domain on ENS whiteout using the ENS website.
I noticed that when I try to do the first transaction , commit, there is a code in the transaction like this one :
I appreciate it if you could tell me what this represents and how could I decode it.

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Here are some examples of how to do that programatically

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I was able to get this to work using Javascript on a test net.

Also it is possible with Etherscan, if you know that you are doing.

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You can practice using a test net

Here is the doc:

The secret looks like this: 0xed3eff51c434509758adebaae49415a2284bd4f59a4c88b439022469b41fcc2e

It doesn’t matter what it is, you can even just change some of the numbers manually, and that should be fine. It is only used to protect against front running.

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Thanks for your reply,
Once I send the second transaction, register, do you know what will happen to the fund that I send to the smart contract if the registration won’t be successful? Will it send the fund back to me?

There is some info here: transactions - Why are gas fees taken for failed smart contract interactions? - Ethereum Stack Exchange.

I suggest testing the process using a Rinkeby first, making sure it works before doing it on Mainnet.

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I appreciate your help.
I tried to register a name on the testnet, do you know how can I check to findout if the registration was successful or not on the testnet?

You can go to the domain in the app. Disconnect your wallet, then change your wallet to Rinkeby Test Network. If you are using metamask you might have to enable test networks for them to display in the list of networks and then reconnect to the ENS app. Make sure it says Rinkeby Network in the connection display.

Then enter the domain your are looking for in the search.

e.g. ENS App

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