Registration of eth domains can never get through step 2

Hi all,

i’m using Brave browser and Metamask,

requested a domain to register a domain 3 days ago, and completed the first transaction, the second transaction is still pending after 3 days.

does the pending has an expire date ? or will it keep queuing up in the pending state forever like that ?


yes, it expires after 24 hrs

the transactions has expired finally ( more than 24 hours, nearly 5 days ), but it has charged me some Txn Fees ( as it appears on ) even the domain registration has NOT been done. is that normal ??

so the next time when i try to register a domain i have to bet my eth and pray ?

If your second transaction at step 3 takes more then two minutes , someone else can intercept your transaction and front run you. The two min interval at step 2 is protection against it. I suggest that your second transaction sets relative high gas to stop it from pending long time by checking the latest gas price from