Registration of multiple ENS domains within the same transaction

Registering multiple ENS domain names requires to do a different transaction for each one of them, thus requiring gas fees, which at the moment are very high, to be paid for each domain.

I can see that:
a. allowing this decreases decentralization and favours the domain squatters
b. gas fees issues should be solved in the Layer 2

But, in order to foster mass adoption, I also think that the user experience should be either equal or better than web2.

Allow multiple domains to be registered within the same transaction but set a limit to the domains per transaction (E.g. maximum 3 domains per transaction, otherwise you must pay gas fees again).

It could be feasible?


Gas fees are going to be much better for everyone, so I’ve read around.

At the moment it’s very problematic. I was lucky to have registered back in 2019 when 5 letter words were allowed. Everyone is waiting for those days.

Great idea to be frank. Though I’m not sure on how feasible it is and what governance oversight gives vision to. I’m Jay Dee by the way.

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