Request for budget for Analytics & Research subWG

A&R subWG requests funds for Q2

Quick link to the agenda of A&R subWG

Deliverables for Q2-2022:

  • First iteration of Steward Health Cards (draft).
    Status: This work has been completed.

  • First semi-annual survey (draft) of the ENS DAO in June 2022. The survey will be designed in a quantitative, anonymous and no-text format to gauge the health of ENS Governance and to signal possible amendments to the current processes. The survey has already been designed by RnDAO and is ready to be published as soon as Block Survey license has been purchased.
    Status: This work has been completed.

  • Partner with Show Karma to pull daily engagement data for contributors, stewards and delegates from Discourse and generate first ENS DAO (semi-annual) Governance Report. This will contribute toward multi-modal graphic representation of steward and delegate impact. Flipside Crypto will make contribution in this report with their analytics inputs.
    Status: This work is in progress.

Budget request

RnDAO Wallet: 0x4A62ec005ad047FfE3Ab7828f050aD531DC86891

Immediate compensation:

This compensation should be paid out as soon as possible:

  • 180 USDC for Block Survey license for the survey (critical)
  • 2500 USDC or equivalent to RnDAO (@kbc & @danielo) for designing and publication of the survey (completed)
  • 1000 USDC or equivalent to @inplco for Health Cards and survey coordination (completed)
  • Total: 3680 USDC

Future compensation:

This compensation must be paid after the completion of DAO-wide survey analysis and report by RnDAO, and other deliverables mentioned below:

  • 2500 USDC or equivalent to RnDAO for survey analytics and reporting, upon completion.
  • 3500 USDC or equivalent divided among the set of contributors who will make contributions to the ENS DAO Governance Report, upon completion.
  • Total: 6000 USDC

cc: @nick.eth

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To make a Resource Request to a Working Group, please see the details set out in this post.

For guidance on submitting a Resource Request, you can view this successful Resource Request post that was submitted to the Public Goods WG by @carlosdp.

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Post is updated with the request for budget @nick.eth
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