REQUEST FOR FEEDBACK: Automatic ENS Linktree Alternative For All ENS names

As many of you are aware, the concept of resolving ENS domains to DNS space through a domain suffix hack is not entirely new. Companies like,, and have been operating with these concepts. However, none of them focus on what seems to be the most common need in the Web3 space: a link directory.

We at have been actively developing a unifying profile for NFT artists and clearly see the requirement for a link directory firsthand. Many artists resort to using services like Linktree and Linkfyre for their profiles, yet ±50% of artists own an ENS domain.

We’d like to introduce a proposal. We are developing a service based on the ETH.CZ domain we own. With this, we can automatically generate a link directory profile for each ENS domain. This will be based on available information on the web, including ENS profile, LENS SuperRare, OpenSea, and Twitter.

This means every {ENS}.ETH.CZ domain will resolve to DNS, and any user can immediately use this for viewing simplified user profiles and looking up ENS profiles in DNS space. From day one, the service will be populated and functional.

For example, the artist Omentejovem (, who owns the ENS domain omentehovem.eth, has a simple profile at (already functional) with relevant links to galleries and social networks.

You can already try it on your own with your ENS DOMAIN.
vitalik.eth →
xcopy.eth →
slobo.eth →

Here are some potential use-cases for ETH.CZ:

  1. A unified and quick way to see which links are associated with ENS domains across blockchain services.
  2. Shortcuts to view OpenSea or Etherscan profiles of any ENS holder.
  3. A custom link directory similar to Linktree, giving the possibility to add your own links.
  4. A link shortener, e.g., redirecting a YouTube profile to
  5. A platform to promote your favorite artist, art, or NFT project.

When you register an ENS domain, you will automatically get an ETH.CZ profile that can be used immediately. In the first phase, there will be no administration, and links will be automatically fetched from other services. We plan to add administration through wallets later on.

As a note, is a private, for-profit company, which means that ETH.CZ is a centralized project, similar to Linktree. This comes with the usual risks associated with such concepts.

We highly value your feedback. Please let us know your thoughts on this proposal, and if you support this idea, we’d appreciate it if you could express your support on Twitter (we are @rightclick there). This will help us improve the service and more resources to this service.


We added support to “Warpcaster”


) support is now included.